Officially done =D

Bought the frame off ebay from a bloke in Tassie, he said it was a Mcbain. Closer inspection of the detailed lugs, drilled and slotted bottom bracket, drilled and campy stamped drop outs and campy tips, i was inclined to believe him. There were no serial numbers for me to confirm, but im pretty satisfied. Toptube had a reynolds stamp on it, frame and fork come in at 2.3kgs. Found a straight blade fork from italy, raw, but a good price, nice details, and some space for me to run 25c.

Was able to utilise the services of a local legend, ex-racer turned frame builder Milton Jones to help cut and thread my forks, nice fellow, chatted with him for ages, showed me photos, certiciates of his master builder status etc. Was tempted to get a frame built by him! When i got my forks back he just had his 80th, good bloke, need to visit him again.

Paint was done in house, well technically in-backyard =D . Frame was completely stripped back, primer, wetsand, base, wetsand, and clear. A good week minimum between each stage, longer depending on weather. For a home job, im pretty happy. Paint has a nice metallic shimmer in the sun, nice and smooth. All paint were rattle cans from bunnings, primer, base and clear. Squirts Metalic Charcoal, $7 a can. Lugs filled with Tamiya model paint.

Anyway, enough talk, parts list.

Frame: Kevin McBain, reynolds tubing, campy drops and tips. 55cm tt, 56cm st.
Fork: Italian jobbie, lugged.
Wheels: Polished DA first gen high flange hubs laced to low profile unknown polished rims
Cranks: Sugino Mighty w/ 44t (thanks gypo)
Pedals: Mikashima Unique
Headset: Campagnolo
Bottom Bracket: Campagnolo
Seatpost: Campagnolo aero (thanks freckl)
Saddle: OG leather Concor
Stem: 3ttt 100mm
Bars: 3ttt competizione
Decals: user member Kaaos aka Goran, big thanks for the vinyls, super quick turn around, quality stuff, and charged me bugger all for the number of samples and spares plus express postage!

please excuse morning sun pics =p

about fucking time Jase!!! looks tops!!! (aside from the bullhorns… needs some RB-001’s… 021’s are just too deep!!!)

And am hella jelly of that wheelset… do want!!! now come for a freakin ride!

With the current wheels, this is the greatest bike I’ve seen on for a long time.

so nice loving the back wheel and the paint job considering it was done at home with rattle can.
great job.

that front fork is awesome!

Awesome, Jase…needs more baby seat.

you ride nice bikes

FOA bike of the year is going to go down to the wire come january. although this one may lose out due to the bullhorns (even if they are colourmatched…)

edit: and also the rusty-as-shit chain. dude, wtf? it’s a beautiful frame, it deserves the best!

looks like a copper or gold kmc kool or something? not rusty haha

anyway, bike looks so good! well done jase!!!

Dont worry, even izumi pre-rust some of their better chains

Dude that is awesome - love that paint job. Looking at the drill holes on the BB shell, maybe my old frame really was a McBain after all?

fuck… yes…

Nice, makes me think about putting my disc wheel back on for a laugh.

Did you find wetsanding between coats to be effective/make a difference? I’ve usually found with thinner paints like squirts or export it will go on fairly smooth, you just have to keep the caps and valve clean so it doesn’t spit little droplets out. Judging from the pics the finish looks great, maybe there is some merit to it.
And what kind of clearcoat did you use? That’s something I gave up on the last couple of years as most give a super glossy or slightly cloudy finish.

ross put your disc back on or sell it to me

henri, i dont mind the 21s actually, its not so bad on a normal frame, i think im proportioned ok, plus im not riding a crazy pursuit like you bra!

dyl, super cheers bro, hi5

xavier, thanks man, interesting spraying in the wind! lol

gypo, max would’ve been better i reckon =P

P!N20, cheers dude, i did consider for a second, would need some nice porteur bars =D

jo, not as nice as yours brother, cant wait for your unveiling =)

brendan, chain is actually a KMC K710SL, just a bit grubby…hhaha. And drops are on route, but i do like horns for the streets.

john, cheers brother

dead legs, who knows man, thats whats fun about this whole thing though aye? =D

gene, cheers bro, inspired by your paint, as well as jolans.

Ross, wet sanding the primer made the biggest difference imo, base just went incredible smooth. Clearcoat was squirts as well, i found it would go hazy/cloudy if the drying temp is too low. Really needs to be in direct sunlight. I need to take some sunny day pics to make the paint pop.

Well done man! That fork is bad.ass.

finally posted up and well awaited thread delivers! looks bloody awesome mate :smiley:

Jase, I must say, well done sir. That paint job looks super nice! Promise you’ll post photos with drops/low-profile wheels when they’re ready? I’m drooling at that thought of that right now.

Jase, looks killer with the new wheels it will be even better.
love the yellow cut outs.

Awesome job on the paint, Looks great with the decals and painted details! I love the yellow!

What kind of cloth tape is that?