On behalf of the MDMA the Golden Greek and Slick Rick,
Ok here it is the alleycat of the year . Why a weeks notice only ? Because we can, MDMA rolls deep .Cant make it ? Who gives a shit . 5 years Mean Streets has been representing the true essence of track riding in the motherfucking streets . NO sponsors NO prizes NO fake hipster shit just hard core racing gridlock peak pure messenger style . Be at old AXA 447 collins st. at 7 and bring your A game otherwise stay home and post after the race with the usual "oh men that race sounded dope spewing i missed it, weak as crap " Stick ur excuses up your sheriff’s badge .
Point to point fast and drunk as fuck in the wet is what im talking about . Cant handle it ? never mind u can always go in the roubaix next year then u can get a fyxo knap sack spray on your tight jeans and track stand at the fucking lights with ur fuking pox tattoos as much as u want . Winner takes all .havnt got 5 bucks ? I’ll pay your entry fee and get you drunk after … why ? coz that’s how we roll . THERES FUCKING HUNDRERS OF TRACK/FIXIE RIDERS AROUND AT THE MOMENT LETS SEE WHO HAS THE FUCKING BALLS TO ROCK UP ON FRIDAY NIGHT .

2006- track C.unt
2007- King arthur
2008- track C.unt
2009- Lane Dell


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A person would have to be CraZY or interstate to miSS this shit.



“oh men that race sound’s dope spewing i’m gonna miss it”

so basically, you’re a pussy if you don’t?


for some reason i can’t see the bottom half of the flyer…

anyone else havin the same problem?



The Golden Greek is God.

thanks LukeR

NOBR AKES rules me out, i’d only hurt myself

Haha this is awesome.
I’m gonna try and get out of work early for this one.

“spray on your tight jeans and track stand at the fucking lights with ur fuking pox tattoos as much as u want”

thats gotta be the quote of the century.
The Golden Greek has such a way with words.
Five years and still rollin.


Previous years flyers…

Shit, $20 entry in 2008…hope you got a knap sack for that.

in the immortal words of tomhall “lets give all our money to lane, or die trying”

Fuck! damn collar bone’s still broken.

Dimos I can check point if ya need

20 bucks in 2008 got u entry , spokecard , fuckoff bbq (vegan also) and beers by the bin full. not enuff value ? i had ppl trying to give me more in the end coz they felt guilty actually.

Most of the mdma lads drink in the alley next to 7 eleven across from 447 thats where you ll find the peeps from 5pm onwards . If you think the race might be abit beyond u and u cant race for whatever reason then checkpoint help is always needed :slight_smile: special MDMA 5 th Anniversary meanstreets spokecards will be printed .Nice checkpoint ppl will be looked after with both booze and also a spoke card .

Mark my words, this race is gonna be fast and lethal all cbd over in a flash … every year you get a first timer or 2 who at the end say they same thing …“I had no idea these guys were that fast .”
hope to see you all there its gonna be bruuuuuuutal!

yeah, i do recall being forced to take home all the leftover vegie dogs.

and this is after eating easily more than $20 worth…

To hardcore I’m staying at home…

Being a Dad has made me soft.