I’ll come along, roll about, get lost in the confusing streets of Melbourne.

^^ you said that about westside…

I’ll try to make it to be a checkpoint.
Don’t have the kohuna’s ride brakeless with possible showers

I’m going to die.

also if there are vegan sausages, i’ll help you eat the rest brendan

ps. if i do, i want chicks to get naked at my funeral. thanks

I got so lost I ended up at a mountain bike race, was like ‘lol, where are the hipsters?’

Probably be drinking in the Ghetto (alley opposite 447) or at PB beforehand. Come get warmed up with some drinks!

On a serious note guys shit can get scary outhere this footage was taken from last years mean streets . the guy was a first timer and came down pretty hard . His leg looks pretty fuked so if ur squimish dont say I didnt warn you .

So I cant enter if i got I got brakes… I so wanna ride :frowning:

pretty sure all are welcome to come along… u just cant win. but hey , i thought i was was wrong once… but i was mistaken

cool, would be nice to ride… I am still a NOOB anyway… I have no chance on winning anyway… like ever :stuck_out_tongue:

Plus would be nice to get my very first spokecard :slight_smile:

No brakes allowed

Man that is tight… u can stick it man :frowning:

Rick rolls!
Newb rolls!

MDMA you do roll deeeeeep!

That is some scary footage right there…

^^ I like how when quoted, the truth comes out…

Like it clearly says in the opening statement,Cant make it, We dont give a shit.
The same would go for not being able to ride without a brake.
Its one race in a year for no brakes, there are plenty of other races for you to get your precious little spoke cards.


:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Whatever man… enjoi your race…

how you gonna fuck up this round pip?

I think ur brave to be willing to try mean streets for your first card .just come down and watch or checkpoint you’ll still have a great time and meet some cool dudes as well. At the end of the day rules are rules and we don’t bend em for anyone.tbh u shouldn’t of even asked grab some mates and come down for a beer here at the MDMA were not elitists but mean streets is geared towards the best and more experienced riders.