whatever man!

dimos, wasn’t the last mean streetz like, four months ago? make sure you don’t let a checkpoint person fuck me around again!

Lets hope it doesn’t happen again so we don’t have to hear about it over and over again!!

Like that girl Pip ‘almost made out with’ last weekend…

Happens every weekend.

Sam you going to race?

Is this the one from Friday?
She was pretty cute.

i think ur tripping bout the 4 months part try last year round september …as for the checkpoint fucking you around … i dunno maybe they were trying to hit on you ?

this bloke

Mean Streets 4 was held late Feb of this year, no?

are none of you fuckers working today?

Recent crackdown over brakeless fixed gears

User for 2 days promoting brakeless only fixed gear race.


even with the new username - there is no mistaking the speech to keyboard translations of the ‘golden greek’. the only trap is for some plucky teenager thinking they have any of the messengers lines and following them.

and i thought the last one was this year as well… but whatever, this race transcends normal calendars.

Racing Nik?

Actually ur right about the dates I got confused with new skids…the last one was delayed due to safas and lanes events .nick plz put the new flyer up on the home page bud .

Worked for Gypsy at the last one I heard. Kid can ride fast but couldn’t navigate his way out of a paper bag ;).

Does it have to be fixed?

doesnt matter.
Fyi it was supposed to held in november 09 but got delayed by a couple o months.

Are you planning on freewheeling without brakes?

rojor that.

awesome to watch, i would think.

but Slick Rick says its a no no so I guess not.
Didn’t mention anything on the flyer so I thought I would ask.
Definitely more exciting though!