[MEL] MDMA Halloween Alleycat AND Spring BBQ

Gear up your costume and your ride.

Halloween alleycat on Friday 31st October in the evening sometime… then a bike BBQ in the park on Saturday arvo with some food and beats.

We’ll have some prizes from iRide in the city (Ross, you rock!), and Matty from Platypus has donated a slick pair of Macbeth shoes.


P.S. Mean streetz is comin at the end of this month, will be on a weekend, come and represent, meet some dudes and dudettes and have an awsome time.



I’ve been having AlleyCat withdrawals.

No costume/No ride?

suh-weet. i fuckn love halloween!

more info pls…

Heya Brendan!!

word is that the flier is ``dope", just goto finalise the sponsors and date before it gets put up :evil:

hey corz i’m heartbroken you didn’t use my logo!

lolz, I had to use this one at least once ``335" :slight_smile:

If anyone has any sweet halloween checkpoint ideas they’d like to do just send me a pm’d! Slime, costumes etc all welcome!

Carlton graveyards are a given!!

cemetary is locked after 5… been caught in there once before. just like in bmx bandits. i thought about trying to kiss nicole kidman but her hair scared me off.

It’s looking like meanstreetz is on for November now, so it’ll be after the halloween cat and bbq.



pay to play? and is costume compulsary?

cheers :smiley:

Yeah man, be 5 or 10 bucks, winner takes most of it, 2nd takes some!

Any costume you want! Prize for best.

its gonna be so hard to ride in this costume

Here’s mine… I call it ``confused"

maybe i need sleep.

nice balls.

I thought they were lungs


Get geared up and show us what your made of! (and I don’t care if u wear a costume or not…) or this dude will take the glory…

Ok, or maybe this cat will own ya… even MJ keeps his eye on the road when his stylin… be afraid of Halloween… who knows what could happen!