[MEL] Puzzlecat birthday bbq and xmas ride: Dec 8th

On Saturday 8th December - I’m thinking of running a puzzlecat and bbq… It sorta coincides with the birthday and xmas so why not throw them in too?

The puzzlecat will be a fixed time team pairs event… something like a cross between an alleycat, treasure hunt and rogaine.

We’ll need at least three teams to make it worth doing… so is anyone interested? It will run in place of the regular Saturday ride. 8am briefing, 8:30 start. 2 hours long and bbq from 11am on the river. No entry fee, no prizes, everyone welcome… it’s not a race, it’s fun with a result.

If there’s enough interest I’ll organise it and post more details on the front page.

i’m in

yep I’m in

So you have to do it in pairs? I only have one real friend who rides fixed and he’s slow as! :oops:

haha. poor slow friend.
i’m sure if you turn up on the day, you can find someone who’s fast and needs a partner. especially if you know your way around the city well

i may come, but i’ve got a friend visiting from interstate, so i may be hungover.

you should come anyhow because even though it’s a pairs thing (plus one threesome if required)…

a: this is not a fixed only thingo, anyone is welcome on any bike
b.1: fast riding will not be much use if you use your head
b.2: it’s not a race
c: even if you turn up alone we’ll make sure you have someone else to ride with :slight_smile:

Liam: you should both come along.

i have a wedding the night before, but i’ll try for 8am, and then try again for 11. sounds like a good/fantastic idea Nath. yestdys cyclogaine was really good, really hot and really good.

I’ll be in Melbourne over that weekend but I’m not sure I’ll be able to make the early start. Definitely going to be bringing my bike over though.

You know im in

I should have old faithful redline back by that stage. :evil:

do you remember how to ride fixed damoh?

Haha! :evil:
Damoh has become a little road punker.
Hey what has become of the paint job?

Now on the front page.

Here’s a challenge for you guys: bring a non-fixed partner to be your teammate :slight_smile:

i’d like to be in for this… might have to team up with someone though as most of my partners in crime are overseas or too lazy to get out of bed before 9 of a weekend.

I will have finished my exams by then so I suppose I had better rock up to a ride for once…
Now I just have to convince my husband or a friend to get up and riding so “early”; and familiarise myself with the city streets. Despite having lived in the outer suburbs of Melbourne all my life I still have the direction sense of a cheese sandwich when I’m in the CDB…

Whose Birthday?


We’re a bit over 2 years old now.


Hopefully I can make it, but early morning/wagging cricket may be difficult. If I can get there afterwards at the park across from Luna Park (around 11am start) is the Write4gold Championships. Basically Australia’s best graffiti artists battling it out to go to Germany for the World Champs.

Relevant? No. But I guess there are some arty farty types around here who may be interested. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll be in if my fixie is up and running by then.

Yay, birthday ride! Just over two years? Wait, have I been to any of the birthdays? I don’t even remember anymore. Hah, anyway, rock on, great idea Nath - I hope you have a big turnout! nick.