[MEL] The Hour - Attempt #4

The challenge: How many laps of the <a href=“http://brunswickcyclingclub.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/11/hsv_panor.jpg”>Brunswick velodrome</a> can you do in exactly one hour?

If you are curious to find out what you are capable of, come along to the HSV on Saturday 21st February and have a go. The rules are simple:

  • fixed gear only (conversions are ok)
  • no brakes allowed, and no breaks allowed (Omar!)
  • drop bars
  • no collusion, although since it is a personal challenge it’s totally up to you

Depending on numbers, we’ll run it over a couple of sessions. The first session will be 7pm. Track will be open for warm-up from 6pm.

If you’d like to have a go, please email me with an estimate of what you hope to do (in km) and the gear ratio you plan to use (so we can plan the sessions). If you have no idea, just say 30km.

The hour is a very special experience, both a physical and mental battle - so come along and, at the very least, get a glimpse into what it feels like to push toward your absolute limits.

If anyone would like to do some practice or would like some help determining what their likely distance will be, feel free to drop into <a href=“http://brunswickcyclingclub.com/about/facilities/”>HSV</a> after a <a href=“http://brunswickcyclingclub.com/training/saturday-track/”>Saturday training session</a> (about 4:30 - 5pm) and we’ll get you going on the stopwatch.

Send your email to: nathan at undershorts dot org

If there is enough interest we can bring out the BBQ - maybe even get the Kiosk open. Over to you… The bike rider!

Calendar marked.

Can’t wait, thanks for taking up the organisation Nath.

I’m in :evil:

aero bars?

Ask yourself… “What would the hardman do?”

Pre-book the ambulance?

O’Bree position
(no chest pad)

I wonder how much weight i might have to loose to make the hour in one try, or should i just plan to do it in half hour blocks??

  1. :slight_smile:

Is 650cc’s allowed?

Is 650cc’s allowed?

Haha sure - we can make a special category just for you… But I doubt you’d be able to get more than 70km. :wink:

I live in Brunswick I have never been there, where abouts is it?

Roberts Reserve, Harrison St. East Brunswick: map

Damn it Ararat is on the same day. Now I can’t decide whether to do the hour or Ararat.

Easy - do both :slight_smile: Go to Ararat, and then we’ll do an hour another day as well.

Enjoy people.
Lots of fun.

Sorry to be missing it.
I’ll just keep dodging piles of snow on the ride to and from work!

I have 3 riders confirmed so far - plenty of spots left.

Where: Harrison St Velodrome, Brunswick, VIC
When: Saturday 21st February, 6pm

consider me confirmed.

isnt propagandhi that night? or are you going to back up after you have smahed it on the track for an hour?

Is Conation playing the Melb Propaghandi show?