[MEL] The Hour - Attempt #4

holy fuck! consider me unconfirmed. i will be thrashing my little heart out instead.

conation are only playing newcastle at this point, but a tour and new album are still in the works…

I’d like to do it at a cruise pace… :mrgreen:

fuckin hell Propagandhi?
Are they still around preaching to the converted. :evil:

i’d totally forgotten about conation until i saw jamies new band a few weeks ago. then i found out he is old friends with my roommate. i saw them on their first few tours down to the big smoke… :wink:



brendan and the ‘converted’… :roll:

anyone interested in meeting up to watch the ‘hour run’ and then rolling down to the corner for the show?

i think doors are supposed to be at 8 or 9 anyways…

We have some competition:


I would be confirmed just to watch while I ride my bmx but Im having a party, maybe I could come depending on when it ends. Im gonna start training at Brunny Velodrome in a month maybe.


i’ll come and ride. aimed distance will be 32/33 km. i guess.

With Horatio and Liam that’s 8 confirmed riders for Saturday. Turn up at HSV at about 6pm and we’ll get the first group going at about 7pm.

count me in too!

Target Distance 28km.

Gear 84.

Will try not stop this time :evil:

Thanks Omar - I’ll add you to the list.

Weather looking interesting. Going to be windy :expressionless:

New athletes para record set.

better late than never - 81"
nervous as a newlywed :wink:

rumour has it that the main event will be followed by a ten minute challenge - on mini bikes.

ten minutes is a long time on a mini bike.

thanks for a fun evening nath & co. … next time I’ll try and remember the following
a sensible gear, 81 was too big :expressionless:
a level saddle
a serviced bike
grease dat ass
gloves :?
get there on time
not pike at 40 minutes … grumble
… and maybe a bjorn borg sweatband under the helmet

Thanks - amazing efforts by all riders involved. Hope to see you again next time!