[MEL] The Hour : Sat 17th Nov 7:30 Fed Sq.

Attempt 3

Or… More specifically:

How many laps of the Brunswick Velodrome can you do in 60 minutes?

That’s just 60 minutes or 3600 seconds or about 6000 pedal revolutions.

Join us at Fed square on the 17th at 7:30am, or at the track at about 8. We’ll run it the same as last time.

What a completely ridiculous idea, ride around in circles for a whole hour…THERE WITH BELLS ON :wink:
Sooooo want some TT bars for this!

if you don’t mind the bumps on tt bars

Chris - if you can do an hour in the aero position at Brunswick, I’ll buy you a Bloody Mary :wink:

ow ow, I’ll give it a go if someone has those fancy bars!

This could be interesting to come and watch

Watch? You ride track you should race

I might bring the track bike down to do a few laps :slight_smile: But then I would have to drive down, I don’t ride my track bike on the roads - scared of no brakes in traffic!
yeah I am a wussy girl hehe


I wish I could have a crack at this with you guys :frowning:

Maybe I should organise something similar up here…

Lisa: Meet us there at 8 with your bike and have a go. Omar came along to watch last time and has regretted not riding ever since.

Garth: Yeah do it!! Let me know how long your track is and I’ll email you some ‘official’ lap counting cards.


Yeah OK :smiley: Might try to get some others from track down to this too!

Hopefully I’ll get along to this one.

I’ll just meet you guys there though. No point going all the way to Fed square and then back again when I live 50 metres from the track.

No probs at all meeting us there.

Some more infos:

You will be paired up with another rider. There will be two 60 minute sessions, and one of you will count laps for (and yell encouragement at) the other.

The first session will be run at approximately 9:00am The second at approx 10:30. If you don’t make it there by 9am we may be able to slot you into the 10:30 run, but if there are not enough counters - you may have to count for yourself (this is VERY hard work, trust me).

Following the second run we will try and be organised enough to get lunch and or coffee somewhere nearby (read CEREs).

Hecklers are most welcome as long as they make lots of noise :slight_smile:

There are no hard rules… just ride whatever you want. There will be other people on the track, so passing and bunching will occur. As long as you are courteous and considerate of the others, It’s up to you how you deal with it - this is a personal and (hopefully) fun excercise, so approach it however best suits you.

As with any Saturday ride: Everyone is welcome! Join us for the ride or just come along to watch.

The only other thing to mention: If it is wet, just assume normal Saturday ride.

Leontien: 46.065km

Ondrej: 49.700km

I’m sorry I will have to miss this. I was looking forward to it.
Enjoy the pain

oh yeah, and that great bump at the end of turn one!!!


If you’re wondering what sort of distance to aim for…

The ‘FOA Best Hour Performance’* is currently held by Tristan Bennett: 120 laps (~38.6km)

Last time we had 16 riders and the average distance was about 100 laps.

If you are planning to come along, please let me know here or via pm or by an email to nathan at undershorts dot org so I know how many cards to print out.

  • Strictly limited to laps of the Brunswick outdoor velodrome.

gonna try and get an early night on friday and get down to this.

I was at the track over the weekend and noticed that the BCC had put up a sign on the gate.

There has been some work done on the track re sealing the joins, so it should be in tip top shape.


Ok, I’m now more likely to turn up on Saturday.

I just ordered bars / stem for the Kenevans, and bought a 15 tooth cog so that I can run 80" without changing my chain ring. :stuck_out_tongue:

If I don’t turn up the financial controller will hassle me for months about wasting money. :roll: