(Melb) Bontrager Summer Sprint Series

We’re going to have a practice day - Saturday 27th Sept from 10-1ish. Come to Blackburn and get your F200 line sorted … have a few goes at practice match sprints. All you’ll need is a ride-it (it’s a training session, not a race) and a bike - I won’t have time to deal with hire bikes on that day.

This will also include a free BBQ for riders & their friends who come along.

check the website closer to the day for details.

A reminder, round one is on Sunday the 5th of October, which is only a month away!

We’re going to grade to D grade if we get enough entries - a minimum of 4 people per grade is required, if there’s enough variance in flying 200 times and sufficient entries we’ll grade to D grade.

We’re also going to revise the grading time credit for the purpose of aggregate prizes, last year we used 0.75s for B grade and 1.5s for C grade, but each round the A graders won the aggregate quite easily (Big Jeremy was just too fast!). I’m open to suggestions based on last year to alter this weighting for times. Last year the grading was roughly as follows :

A grade 12-13s
B grade 13-14s
C grade 14s or more

This did vary from round to round, but was generally around that depending on the times set by the riders in qualifying. I’m thinking that we might change the offset to 0.9s for B and 1.8s for C grade and 2.7s for D if we use it, but I would appreciate feedback from you about this.

Last series started slowly but gained momentum, this time we’re hoping for a better start so you get some really good quality racing and hot competition (and more prizemoney!)

We’ve done promotional cards, if you can help promote the series, please let me know and I’ll arrange to get some to you.

We’re also hoping to run a practice day the weekend before the first round, with no timing, no set schedule, just a chance for you to have a play at match sprinting at Blackburn if you want to work out lines for flying 200’s etc. We will also have a practice BBQ at this practice day, with practice sausages and practice bread etc, for free, of course, to competitors and people giving it a go.



Hi Carl,
I will try and make it 27th sep. I know this will make me sound like a newbie :oops: but are you talking about restricting gearing?

A quick reminder that we’re going to have a practice day on Saturday the 27th of September, which is the week before round 1 (Sunday Oct 5th). We’re going to run this from 10am 'til 1pm and have a BBQ for all that come along. The aim for this is to practice your flying 200 lines, pick up some tips from more experienced racers and do some match sprinting with no pressure to win points etc.

We’re hoping that some of last season’s top riders will come along and give some advice to those who haven’t done this before, there’s a number of different lines to use for F200’s for example which suit different riders.

We’ll have stopwatches so we can time your flying laps and you will need your own track bike or please arrange with me beforehand if you need to hire a club bike. You will also need at least a Ride-it licence to participate. Full racing licences are required for the rounds, but this is a practice day and as such a Ride-It is sufficient.

Keep an eye on the website as we get close to the racing. I’d love it if you can grab some copies of the flyer, print them out and take them to your local bike shops etc. Flyers are here :




Nope. You can run any gear you want, as long as it’s legal for your age group. J19 is the youngest you can ride this series. 6.5m from memory is the max J19 rollout.


14 riders came to the practice day and enjoyed perfect conditions and a good hitout
Practice Day a big success

Today was the first riding day for the Bontrager Summer Sprint Series, being a practice day for everyone to have a shakedown, get used to racing on the Blackburn track and generally have a hitout the week before round one.

Starting at 10am with a couple of flying 200’s for everyone, we were very pleased to have a few juniors come along and ride, and some newcomers to track racing as well as Barry ‘The Wizard’ Woods coming along to share his experience and show everyone how to ride a great sprint on the Blackburn velodrome.

We trialed and practiced not only riding, but also video, this season we expect to have video footage of the racing and this was a chance to test our setup, practice taking video of races and so on. A selection of videos have been uploaded to youtube.


Awesome Carl!

The video footage would be a really helpful tool.
Cant wait to get down for a spin once uni lets go of my balls.

catchya at work on friday.

Great video footage, can’t wait to race next week :evil:

Yep video will be ace for de-briefs :slight_smile: But one small question: Can we indicate at registration if we’d prefer to not appear online? Any chance we can do the same for photos?

Looking forward to it, only a few days now.

I guess so, not something I’d really thought about.

Afraid of getting included in CraigC’s ‘spank bank’?

Forecast is for a fine day, so I’m making the 3 hr trip up from Bairnsdale. I hope the 30 rider limit isn’t over-subscribed by the time I get there!

Perfect hitout for us older blokes going to masters worlds in 12 days.

While I cannot and do not speak for anyone organising the Bontrager Summer Sprint Series:

I think that if you’re making the trip from East Gippsland - I’d be personally surprised if Carl didn’t fit you in anyway.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

If Jack-o is coming down and it looks to be filling up, i will book his place and alll he needs to do is pay when he gets in. Need to see that Bridgestone up close. I will be there with Carl from about 10:30am cleaning and setting up.

Just send me an email with who you are etc and we’ll take a pre-entry for you.

Thanks guys, you’re champion!

I would like to thank Carl for a great day.

He actually had to turn away riders!! With numbers capped at 30 riders, there were 4 that turned up a bit late and we were mossong about 5 regular riders for different reasonsso there were a possable 39-40 riders wanting to compete.

This is a great event and now would have to be something very speial. So once again thans Carl and to all your volunteers a big thanks as well.

Check out wwww.sss.aboc.com.au as the results shold be up soon.


photos etc on the way. Thanks to everyone that came along, it was heaps of fun and I think, pretty successful :slight_smile:

Thanks Carl and helpers for all your hard work and organisation - you’ve really built something quite special. Thoroughly positive comments from all involved. With the word spreading as it does, I expect you’ll be knocking back riders next time too! Bring it on :slight_smile:

Glad you had a good time, and I hope you get good value out of the tyres. We’re going through 700-odd photos and video at the moment, going to be a long night!