[MELB] Looking for a job.

Hey guys, now that I’ve graduated from school I need a job so I can support myself.

Anyone looking for employees or have any tips on places to apply at and send my resume?

Not sure if this is in the right place as well.

I’m located in Melbourne, contact me through P.M.




what happened to BSC?

It is finally time to end the fakengerness.

SPH are looking for a rider

There’s always Maccas!

maccas courier!

This, I worked my way up through Maccas ranks, now I’m looking after supply chain/logistics/and training associated with it For all of WA.

Sorry man, I was joking… McDonalds aren’t on my, and a lot of others, fave list for lots of reasons.

Get in line kid. You don’t have rent to pay, motherfuckers should employ me first.

Like it (the food or the company) or not it’s a viable career path. I’m a qualified Industrial Designer, did my Honours and all. Worked a year as a Design Draftsmen and still do freelance design work, including McDonalds as a client, and I still took this route.

People gotta eat, and I’ll never be out of a job when the industry ‘lulls’.

That being said, no one has to follow that career path, but it’s paycheck to paycheck til you find something better. Plus believe it or not, it does look good on resumes.

If there’s a select employment egency in melbs hit them up, they usually suss something fairly quickly… although steer clear of the banking sector, they’re starting to drop workers, and first in first out and all that.

Just get a bar job like everyone else. Apart from missing out on a whole lot of 21sts (which you’ll actually be thankfull for later on) it’s a pretty sweet gig - lots of free food and beer, plus you can often drink at work, and if you work at a music venue, free gigs as well.

My dad always said if you learn how to pull a pint you’ll never be unempolyed, unfortunately I’m too used to me weekends off.

i’m with chaz, get a bar job. with your charm and diverse background you’ll no doubt meet some lovely young ladies also. we all saw you on tuesday night mate… :wink:

You’ll also learn some invaluable hospitality etiquette and a healthy dislike for anyone in a suit.


ok, it’s settled.

son, you’re getting a bar job.

/endthread (nice work chaxz)

fuck you! :slight_smile:

Typical suit.

Yeah, fuck you!