Melbourne Bike theif found

a few nights ago talking to a guy at a bar found out he steals bikes after him slipping that he stole a bianchi pista on smith street (a friends bike)
the bike is currently being returned to his owner but i have word that he may have more, so i’ll have a list of bikes if there are anymore, and anyone who thinks that it may be their bike can contact me with proof of ownership, and we can safetly return them.

at a final point this guy intends to keep stealing so he will have an eye kept on him for some time.

A*** fucking B***.

Am I right?

this guy intends to keep stealing so he will have an eye kept on him for some time.

Sorry why aren’t the cops involved? They bug so many cyclists they may as well do something constructive for us.

Good sleuthing though.

Street justice!!!

group D-lock? :-o

If you have all this information, why have you not gone to the police as yet?

You’re as bad as the fucking thief.

To be honest, if this guy can get people their bikes back he should do it. The police are a lost fucking cause when it comes to retrieving a stolen bike.

he steals bikes and then gives them back? so he just has a collection of stolen bikes that he doesn’t do anything with?

Hipster police? Is this guy running some kind of hipster bike impound?


it’s a public education program, like drink driving.

“NJS Walking, Melbourne Says NO!!!”

“any bikes caught being walked around Fitzroy will be crushed…”

seriously though, dude doing it is scum but i doubt the cops will give a fuck.

i’d be handing his home address to the people wanting their bikes returned…

To share information on a crime you can call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000

yeh, im confused by this. did the thief cooperate in returning the pista? is he helping you out with returning the bikes? if so, why will he continue to steal if he knows you know? so many questions…

I’m torn between whether you should let the cops know or just out the guy. Chances are the cops won’t do much, but he would then be “known to police” and his life would be a little more difficult. outing him could see some nasty street justice: if you put his pic up here every rider in melbourne could spit in his face and he would become a social pariah.

or you could do both?

then his life would be doubly sucky?

This sounds dodgy as. Might be time for one of our police members here to look at it

there is a narc amongst us?


Homer: Good concert, am I right?
Teen1: Yeah, nice try, narc.
Teen2: Where’s a narc?
Teen3: Who?
Teen1: That fat Jamaican guy.
Homer: What did I say? What’s going on?
Teen4: Hey, we’re just trying to have a good time, narc. Why do you want to destroy us?
Teen5: Don’t commit your hate crimes here. [yelling] HATE CRIME!

yes, i suppose you could do both.

His details are being handed into the police if the bike isn’t returned this week, I’m letting you know that the bike isn’t being returned willingly, he has been forced into this. His name is a*** b****, and if you know him feel free as someone said before to spit in his face.

The only problem is I think that letting the police know as someone said before will pretty much do nothing but make it harder for him to steal bikes.
But then vigilante justice only leads to problems,
so just remember, keep your bikes locked up and if you see a hipster with blonde shoulder length hair scoping your bike it’s your choice, vigilante or police.

Someone post a photo of this piece of shit.