Melbourne Cup Day ride - Warby Trail - Tue 6/11/12

Hi everybody.

After some chats with the FOA heads of state, we thought we’d organise another exciting installment of the ever popular Cup Day Ride on the Lilydale - Warburton rail trail.

It’s been done before:

I’m yet to hear of anyone having a bad time on one of these rides, and I personally think it’s a seriously good way of getting the fuck out of Melbourne and escaping all the orange women and suited up bogan douchebags already pissed at 8am on their way to the races. Please note however, there will plenty of lolz to be had when we gather at Fed Square in preparation of the train ride to Lilydale.

It’s a super easy 40km each way, with lunch at the awesome Warburton bakery, before the ride back to Lilydale for delicious hot chips (chiiiiiiiiiiiiips) and a few cleansing beverages for the train ride back to Melbourne. Please note, there will also be many lolz to be had upon exiting Flinders Street station and observing all of the same pissed dickheads that have been getting blind all day at Flemington.

Here are some pics from last years ride (I’ve literally had these on my camera since that ride, glad I finally had the impetus to upload them to my laptop).

Enjoy, more details to follow nearer the time (like train timetables etc).

the party carriage

SEE!! so much party good times!!

the only hill for the entire 80km, dunevenworryaboutit

and at the top of the hill is cog cafe (and some small troll like character, seen here next to gene)

look how fast we were going

james, perhaps upset with his choice at the warby bakery?

refuelling… like a bossssss

siiiiiiiiiime being some kind of evil deviant

oh the laughs we had

chaz, well i dunno what chaz is doin here. tate clearly having a good time

so yeah, put it in the diary and tell your other halves that you’re unavailable to drink champagne and get blind with their mates, coz you’ll be having rad bike times with your FOA brethren and sistren.


but will there be lolz?


for those of you that are like k o and didn’t even read my post, TL;DR - THERE WILL BE LOLZ

Stop organising rad things for when i’m out of the country, roland!

ah ok, ride’s off everyone, james, get down off the ceiling, k o, stop eating red frogs and get back to street fighter, benzy, get back under the bridge…

Much appreciated.

not vegan.

It was also Dawn’s first 80km ride and she was stoked.

neither are you though, really.


all lolz aside, this is what this ride is all about, awesomeness!!

aaaaaand back to the lolz

Back in time for Tuesday Track I hope :wink:

In fo sho! Can I borrow some knobbies?

can your bike handle the knobs?? i’m sure there’s plenty, nikcee has a pair of every available brand and tread-type yeah?!

knobbies not really required, first time i rode lillydale warby was on 23mm road tyres, fixed, was fine.
That said i have now embraced the way of the beard so will be riding 35mm tyres (nobs optional) if i can make it.
Also have some spare 35mm cx tyres if anyone wants a lend

yeah, you definitely don’t need knobblies unless you’re nikcee’s dad and you go full squish.


was thinking of coming over for melb cup with work colleagues, maybe ill come to this instead

(ps couldnt edit the above post, sorry)

and then spend 10mins trying to justify your decision…

go full squish or DH if you want tough-guy points for riding a flat-ish 80km on said bike.

this year i’ll pay more attention and find the entrance to the 2nd set of singletrack (which is longer and more fun).

as a note - pace was very varied for this ride with everything from gene’s repeated SSCX breakaway attempts to the beardo backmarkers who cruised along enjoying their tyre suppleness and their surroundings.