Melbourne fixed on Vimeo.

Is that your entry for the Film Festival?

Oh, it’s on! :wink:

Woah, way to have a cliche, sliding hand across large vehicle shot. PS, learn to ryd byx.

i like it. watched it twice. nice to see some static overhead shots and stuff.

good job!

Nah it’s not.

I can’t take any credit for this by the way, our friend Hamish did all the hard work.

Why aren’t you wearing helmets?

Looking cool >> avoiding brain damage?? Doing their bit to reduce the organ waiting list?? Who knows. But I do know that my taxes/increased premiumspay for it if they fsck up.

i smell a year 12 media assignment…

I like it - good job :smiley:

yeh, is ok. id rather watch a bunch of d00dz riding around than doing lame trixx n barspinzz anyday. or polo.

I dig it.
It’s unpretentious and it communicates the FUN aspect of cycling well. And a fixed gear video without an Aerospok for once!

Gets a thumbs up from me and +1 for the FUN aspect hjb. It’s great to see some good work coming from the local Burn crew rather than douche shit bags from OS .

great vid fellas
great camera work too, really mad to watch
nice and relaxed, just the way it should be

+1 for the positives
-1 for the negs.
Nice lighting, decent editing, and yer it looks fun like hooning around wit mates doin’ shit’.

Yea, Hamish did a really good job on this. Can’t wait to see the next one, (when/if it happens).

Filming this was also heaps of fun.

looks good!

you know what? i’m tired of seeing fixie videos that look like film clips for shit songs (or worse, ads for volvo). where’s my narrative arc? where are the characters i can identify with? why hasn’t someone taken the storyline of some shitty sports movie, replaced the sport with fixie riding, then make a movie of it?

i suggest the storyline from days of thunder.

i would be happy to play nicole kidman.

thank you.

Will Damoh play Cole Trickle?

only if he shows me heaven.