Melbourne Fixie kids video

Got linked to this siq vid of some kids riding fixies at a spot in Melbourne. Enjoy.


I realise I’m way to young to say this but, seriously, what the fuck is up with today’s youth?

Thats 2 minutes i’ll never get back.
I’d rather stare at an echidnas dick for an hour listening to Paris Hiltons breakout hit ‘Stars are Blind’ on repeat than re-watch that shit.

Was that really worth posting? seriously.

In case anybody else is curious about watching the video dont bother. its 2 minutes that could be better spent arranging socks, doing taxes or mastubating.

BTW: if youve never seen an Echidnas cock, Google it, its the most disturbing thing you will see today.


Wow that is insane.

and yeah today’s youth has some serious problems. Fucking kids.

It’s a combination of shards, the latest fads, too much money and the internet.

I bet they’re fuckn private school kids too.
c u n t s.

I leave the forum for a few hours and I come back to this shit and that THING in the post your ride section!

Edit: Why the Echidna post too?!!

The last couple of days has been pretty interesting… I’d probably rather watch that vid than the monotiny of the rest of the FGFS ‘edits’ out there though. OOh i did a 360 barspin, F&Ck off and get a BMX.

That echidna shit is f’n wild, got it all over pupetry of the penis.

jeez shortsie, it’s not a race!

Haven’t you heard??? wacking it is the new fixed… gotta be quick if you wanna win those alley cats.

See this is the sole reason why i will never move to Victoria…Unless i got a job with the production company behind Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2011 …even then

What. The. Fuck. Was. That.

this is actually a pretty good representation of how the average person sees the ‘fixie scene’

from the same youtube channel…

some more garbage


… neighbours of yours, rolly? looks like the brickworks

I’ve made worse videos than this.
They never made it to YouTube though.

I made one about goats. And many of me and friends smoking and drinking and fighting eachother. All in fun though yeah.

i’m so glad i wasn’t young in the internet age.

Should we create an embarrassing youth stories thread then?

Oh wait that’s me poasting everywhere here.


Takes the cake and eats it too.

modern day technology Geordie!
That food looks rank.

it’s not far removed from the actual truth

The horror. The horror.