Melbourne paint job

i know this has probbably been asked a million times but i cant find anything in the forums.

Where in melbourne can i a get a decent custom paint job for frame/forks? and how much would it hurt my wallet?

whats the policy on painting deep v’s. worth it?

Do you want paint or powdercoat?

A class powder coaters in Moorabbin

Paconi for the paint job

Both have been discussed before. Use the search function.

Type in ‘powdercoatation’

thanks iv searched the forums and decided to go with a decent rattle-can job done by me. im thinking a nice blue with white lugs and a high gloss clearcoat over the entire thing. ill post pics in post your ride once im done

the definitive answer to your question is Cog Cafe in Mount Evelyn, Damien is a great guy, and a great painter. quick turn-around, very reasonable in price.

i did heaps of research and made heaps of calls when i wanted to get my girls frame painted, Cog was the best and they can colour match anything, specially Pantone with CMYK breakdown.

End thread/

you ride a girl’s frame?

Ha-ha /zzz/

When I got quotes for my Ken, Cogs quote was twice as much as Paconi’s quote, and there turnaround was twice as long. Needless to say I went with Paconi, and they did a great job.

i had the exact oppisite, two custom colour, two pack gloss $300, 3 week turnaround.

i found Paconi rude to deal with quoted 2-3 month turnaround $500-$700

Cog is at least four times as good so i guess it evens out that way.

on a similar topic - anyone got any good recommendations for a good paint job in brisbane?

Depends how much you want to pay. Got everything from local powder coat shop to Joe Cosgrove.

You’d probably be hard pressed to find a much better paint job than Joe. But like SuperMaxPower says, it depends on the budget.

ive seen some very sketchy paintjobs come out of Paconi, couldnt recommend to anyone

heard that as well, only after i’d actually gotten my frame back from them. i guess i just got lucky.

that description applies to your whole bike… :smiley:

I always find it strange that someone will drop $500+ on a set of wheels or $300 on a set of cranks then skimp on paint.
If you have a nice frame you really like to ride the moment you first turn a crank the $500 paintwork will be the best you have ever spent.
That being said you can spend big bucks on bland boring paint or get something truly beautiful and unique that nobody else has.


Sounds like my bike … but it’s not strange. My bike gets ridden daily, locked up in all sorts of places in all sorts of weather conditions. Durability is a priority … not good looks.

I couldn’t give a toss about my bike looking like another as long as the paint job does the bike justice.

i’ve had one frame done by paconi - one colour, decal application, clearcoat and it came out amazing. waiting on another frame - 4 colours, decal app and clearcoat. it’s taking a while but paconi is pretty much a one man business atm with kevin having cancer :frowning: