melbourne race results.

hey! new thread idea!

post all your track results / racing / intentions to race / events here.

i’d like to get the ball rolling by telling everyone that user: JKLP is in grave danger of being bumped up to C grade, with two wins and a second at DISC last night. way to bring home the money!

Love it! I am hopefully going to be back racing (D grade) next Tuesday at DISC. Super unfit so will get dropped every time but the longer I leave it the more unfit I will get…and the cycle continues.

Also FYI for those who are interested in racing but are not licensed, if you buy a license now it last until Dec 31 2011.

I am Thursday boy.


Track racing is great for many a reason, even if it’s just for the sh1t talking between races.

I have…



breaking my own thread guidelines already…

Squiggle aka Valo aka Jeremy and HMC James going 1-2 at hawthorn crits tonight. look forward to going up a grade, boys!


That’s what 2nd is in my book.

edit: where were you brendan?

I was nearly going to do this. But I didn’t want to disobey the Teacher.

schedule says training on wednesday. but i’m not even doing that tonight - i have a whole host of tests to do tomorrow (BMI / Vo2 / blood lactate / power) and am supposed to rest.

(low/high/low/extreme high)

The proudest moment of my life was when I won the brunswick christmas handicap last year. My family enjoyed the hamper items as their christmas gifts… :wink:

I plan to get back to the track at some stage, i miss it.

Great thread idea!

I’ll be battling it out in C grade for sure next week, hopefully they will have my giant novelty cheque prepared in time.

btw Brendan, your looking sharp in the Melbounre weekly. The distant gaze is always a winner.

i don’t think i’ve ever cheered so hard…

BAM, we totally need a FoA hell krew kit.

This must be done!

I should think about riding track again now that Uni doesn’t interfere, kinda just want to do road k’s though…

Gah… First world problems.

i love u jklp

I bought a 3 race permit earlier this year and loved every minute of it. I then couldn’t afford a license for 2010, but now that I’ve got a new job, and given that the school year is almost over (meaning that my Tuesday night tutoring duties are also almost over), I really have no excuse to not become a Brunswick member and come racing again.
Brendan, get on my case and remind me to get my ass into gear and come racing again! Also, Sime, I’m expecting regular appearances from you too!

I’ll get down there Brent, gotta get some k’s in the legs and lungs first!

Everyone should have a look at the Summer Sprint Series being run at Blackburn velo, Carl is doing a good job facilitating this series and from all reports everyone’s had a goodtime.
There is a thread under the Melbourne forum with all the info.

EDIT: Link to SSS

I think about the track every day.

I applied for a credit card yesterday. If they are stupid enough to give me one, I will finish my Bundy on the bank’s coin and will be at DISC asap with the view to be racing early next year.

I’m excited already.

instead you were telling scooter you needed a ‘pain free’ rub, i almost saw him laugh when you pointed out another one was required next week too.

related note: my legs are rubbish today, but knee feels better.

all this talk of racing does make me feel like i might show up to a SKCC/Hawthorn race for some laffs. i do have a licence…