Melbz- Roubaix 2013 - get in now !!

Just booked, excited !!!
Rumor has it Nikcee will be there this year. Can’t wait to check in with Blakey’s cat empire.

I miss you Dylz … papa’s coming :wink:

Event registration has been re-opened for last minute lazy birds like me. Melburn Roobaix

See you there

woohoo !!!

Is it too late for New Years resolutions?

  1. Meet Spirito.


Unfortunately Mrs. Spirito won’t be coming with me this year … that means I’m open to offers which I may regret :wink:

I can confirm I’ll be tagging along with various groups. No official entry means ineligible for cafe preems, so its goofing off time.

Now to ‘roubaix-proof’ one of my bikes.

Yeah I don’t know what to do,
I’m taking my crabon roadie for the week, how bad is the course, can I ride that or bring bloody two bikes?

If you have an appropriate bike, you’re missing the point.

bring the crabon and give it a good shake down.

lower the tyre pressures + a few beers for breakfast = roubaix proof


sounds like you’ll be at the FOA pre-roobaix mixer!

Remember when heaps of hispter n00bs rode the Roobaix on fuckin track bikes?

Yeh, that was cool!

So … where’s the party at?

also booked, and also keen on pre-roobaix mixer. more likley to win that than the race.

also booked. pre-roobaix mixer indeed

What? 2012?

the beaufort!

There’s about 8 or so people coming over from Adelaide (myself included). John Kennedy on his Kumo, Chism and Beardymcbeardbeardadam. And more.

the beaufort. from 8.

i might make a flyer tho.