MGG #14 Keep it simple

Sunday, late start, why wouldn’t ya?

how many kms to the bail out option mikkeldee?

Excellent timing. Lauren and I might do an overnighter of the Gippy Gold the weekend before.

38kms, but the best riding is in the 2nd half.

We can look after Goose if you need!

That was the plan…

hooray! Charlie has been pining. She found a goose hair on the pillow the other day and she got sad. Yes we have a problem.

sure it wasn’t from the goose down duvet?


Woohoo, MGG!

Was thinking of taking a long weekend at the Prom (we get the 27th as a public holiday) but if that falls through I’ll come along for a ride.

you sure about the long weekend, my understanding is that Anzac day cos on a saturday won’t roll over to the monday instead we get Grand Final day Friday or something stupid?

“The next public holiday is Good Friday, Friday, 3 Apr 2015. Please refer to this list for non-metropolitan Victorian public holidays.
The ANZAC Day public holiday is observed on the day it falls. When ANZAC Day falls on a Saturday (as it does this year) there is no substitute holiday. Monday 27 April 2015 is not a public holiday.”

Yeah, I think that’s right but our employer decided to give us the Monday off anyway #winning

This Sunday.

Printing the cues out now.

There are so few turns relative to other MGG’s that the font can be like 14 pt! and comic sans!


J/K. Should get there. Is there any interest in a post-ride drink/dinner somewhere northside?

Yeah could be keen, have to see when everyone finishes to coordinate.

Hot chips, P/C’s and a beer in the park afterwards is always good depending on the constabulary.

Hoping to make it. What supplies would be needed in addition to the usual 90km road ride stuff?

Nothing extra really.

I typically take:
1 tube
tyre levers
patch kit (has small boot in it)
multi tool (with chain breaker)
cable tie or two
+extra layers and snacks for between stops/end

There is one stop in Bunyip for food and such.

Reckon I’d be okay on a Salsa Pistola with 25mm tyres?

I reckon you’d make it with some care and a little spot of walking (though most not on MTBs and even some on MTBs will be walking that bit).

Definitely put MTB pedals on it though.

Hmmmm I do have access to a hardtail 29er set up 1x9. Would that be a better option? Also sorry for all the questions.