MGG #14 Keep it simple

yeah, I’d say a 29er would be a little slower (cos there is a some hard top) but much more comfy and fun.

If Alpine Gravity gets canned I’ll be along for this.

i’m workin. bummer, reckon i’m ready for this.

Come trigger, I have a mate keen to do it on a roadie.
Any idea on eta for back to melbourne? Just have to pick up the wifey from the airport but not till 7:00 so as long as back by 5:30 ish

You’ll be fine. Not many turns, flat first half, only one stop, I reckon you’ll be back to pakenham at 3.30ish.

Hey Mods. Just wondering about setup for this one. Should I be running Reuben sandwiches or go for the Chicken Waldorfs?

depends, what width are your platters?

depends, what width are your platters?

And are you running Toobsor not?

Any one bringing filter coffee?

I’ll have one Reuben, thanks.

Handpresso anyone?

That’s classic,
Taking a filter is easy it’s more the boiling water part.

This has inspired me to bring stuff (stove, aeropress etc) to have hot coffee en route.

I might setup en-route somewhere nice and people can stop for a cuppa.

So bring a cup!

With the weather looking as gloomy as a smiths song it might be good to make the switch to a HT 29er trigger.

Its on. Rain, hail or snow! Have fun gents. I’ll be just trying to survive the weekend.

No one’s dealin’ with Toobs anymore.
Definitely running Nobbys though

looking forward to this!

I’m out due to life admin. Have fun everyone.

I think I’m out, weather looks hideous. :frowning:

Liquid sunshine :wink: