MGG #15 . Macedon Mixer . Sunday 23 August, 9:30am, Apex Park, Sunbury.

Keen. Sounds like rigid 29er territory.


Any suggestions on how to get there using public transport? Not familiar with that area of the world.

There are two trains that will get you there on time:
7:36am from Flinders st
8:16am from Flinders st
Ride straight down Brook st from Sunbury station (get some bakery goods on the way) till you hit the creek and go left onto Powelett st (its a 5min ride)

Thanks for the reply. Didn’t know Sunbury was metro, thought it was only regional.

According to Public Transport Victoria, a train leaves Flinders Street at 7:59 and arrives at Sunbry at 8:47. The next train leaves at 8:39 and arrives at Sunbury. (one train leaves Flinders at 8:19 but only goes to Watergardens, arrives there at 8:54) (This is a new timetable from the 14th August). It also says that there will be no city loop trains on that day.

linky for you information

Maybe delay the start to 9:45?

I’ll check this out and confirm

Thanks for the heads up.

both trains are travelling at 43km/h?

seems all in order?

From metlink journey planner:

"Leaving from: Flinders Street Railway Station/Flinders St (Melbourne City)
Going to: Sunbury Railway Station/Brook St (Sunbury)
Departing after: 7:00am on Sun 23 August 2015

Sun 7:36am - Sun 8:31am 55min
Sun 8:16am - Sun 9:11am 55min "

Timetables are showing slightly later times (by 3mins or so), but either way seems fine.

can everyone please appreciate how fucking good this comment is.

i was crying.

haha thx


I think you were looking at the Saturday timetable

And well done rolly

Opps. Dont mind me. I will see you on the Sunday and NOT the Saturday. Sorry for confusion.

What’s the pace like on these things? Wouldn’t mind tagging along but the only semi suitable bike I have is an xc dualie.

Whatever pace you want eh. I find there’s usually two or sometimes three distinct groups if there’s a decent turnout; a fast group, and a steady paced slower group. This is usually intermixed with smaller groups and solo riders. There’s often a few new riders bringing up the rear too.

Come along and see.

What Pete said, you’ll be fine, you can almost always find someone who rides your pace to cruise with.

I’m going if holgate brewery in woodend is on route, or at least bakery for vanilla slice.

Route doesn’t go thru woodend, but your welcome to detour.

Decent pub in Mount Macedon by local reports, similar for Clarkfield.

Definitely bakeries.

those pubs don’t make their own beer. its a pretty good atmosphere at holgate and owner rides so would welcome riders. anyway I usually go there after a wombat mtb ride, just sharing the love.

Yep. Holgate is great but just ain’t going past it this time.

We need Lyndon to put another brewery ride on!

I live ever so, so, so close…