MGG #15 . Macedon Mixer . Sunday 23 August, 9:30am, Apex Park, Sunbury.

I have 27 x 1 1/4 commuter tyres on a Shogun Alpine Gt. Do you think I would be ok if I took it easy on the muddy sections?

I don’t know all of the terrain we’re in for all that well, but for the vast majority of it I’d say you’d be fine, and especially if it means coming or not coming, just come.

Yeah. You’ll be OK. Might want to bypass the rocky service road at the start but I’ll explain that at the start.

And. This Sunday!

Great. Cheers

That guy wins longest time between joining FOA and making first post.

Might want to change his location too, West End Brisbane to Mt Macedon Vic just for a ride sounds like something the Toastenforcer would do.

What’s he/she get?

We /are/ talking about an MGG ride here though.

Hey MikeD, I get the impression you think I’d be better off on my Inbred for this one instead of my Rando/Locomotive bike. Right? Cos of some of the muddy bits? How epic are the muddy bits? I’d like to ride the rando bike.

You’ll be fine on the rando. Hasn’t been heaps of rain lately. Just might get a bit cloggy in the guards.


Looking forward to this. See you guys Sunday. People getting the early or later train?

early or maybe riding out for me

Mike you still thinking about riding out? Could be keen to join you.

There ya are.

Awesome day. Thanks MikeD

Yeah thanks MikeD!

Yeah, that was great. Cheers for organising, Mike!

thanks guys.

Weather was amazing which contributed alot.

Good turnout with 60+, ran out of cue sheets.

The train ride and first 100m were excellent.

Squashing my banana bread*, less so.

*and exploding a RHS shifter and cracking a helmet via hitting a bike path bollard. not having any real physical injuries was great though