Mid Ride Recovery

Interested in hearing people’s thoughts on what to do/not do during the evenings of a multi-day ride.

I’ve always had success with a cold bath/shower/pool to reset the leg muscles, and everyone knows beer is the best recovery beverage available, but anything else? I heard regular old pain medication like Panadol/Nurofen works wonders.

This is only for a two day ride, so employing a physio is probably not feasible.

Chocolate Milk for recovery and Ibuprofen for the aches.

ride. beer. food. shower. repeat.


Hour before the end bomb a coke, caffeine tablet, two Panadol and two effodren

Did a 4 day ride, drank 12+ beers every night and 3 course meals every night. Was fine. Approx 110km per day.

Mind you, I was riding on the front with a Aussie Pro-team Chaperone escorting fat corporate types so the pace wasnt exactly hot.

Thouroughly enjoyable and raised over $240k for Ronald McDonald House Perth in the 4 days with 21 riders :slight_smile:

You know that study was funded by a dairy company, right?*

  • Have had chocolate milk during rides and I must say it goes down alright.



I say with extreme conviction that HTFU is the shittest thing to come out of internet cycling cultcha.

^ Thanks, Eavy.

Pretty sure it’s not just a cycling thing.

The shittest thing to come out of cycling culcha is “the rules”.

No but it was adopted by internet cycling cultcha by bastards who want to legitimise the fact that they are dumb enough to train in the rain.

The rules are at least funny dum.


I didn’t deny it.

worse than “shut up legs”?

If HTFU is out of the question, I’d suggest the OP just gets to bed at a reasonable hour and he should be OK.

Anything you can purchase on a hat, wristband or apron from Smokemart is dumb.


As silly as it is, this always makes me chuckle.

Once did 2500km over roughly 25 days with a few rest days on top of that, with 30kgs of bike and gear. Best advice I can give is if your legs feels sore and stiff the morning after, warm up extemely slowly. At least half an hour to get up to full pace. They wont be sore anymore once properly and gently warmed up. If anyone wants to run off the front early try to convince them its a bad idea. Proper stretching when finishing the ride and a bit of sitting on the ground will help suppleness and flexibility. I think I went a week without sitting on a chair for the fact there were none.