Million-dollar fines to put the brakes on bikes

Million-dollar fines to put the brakes on bikes


“‘You take (fixies) away from them, they start doing graffiti, they start taking drugs … At least they’re doing something physical and healthy.’’”

Interesting article, but it’ll only be when you hear of someone being fined by the cops that those that ride without a front brake install a protest brake. On another note its good to see my bike in the picture with Sasha is almost ready to roll;)

TC’s quote, “It’s like cracking down on people who pick their nose when driving”, is far and away the best element of this article.

(I don’t think the rest of it is interesting at all)

this whole issue is fucking retarded…

i hate living in a nanny state

I have been inundated with txts today from well meaning friends:
OMG did you know you can fined for no brakes on your fixie? and sued? crazai! You crazy hipster!


We’re hoons now huh? Sweet! Where are the subwoofas and the fluffy dice? I’m going to go cruise some laps round centennial pa… wait a minute.

Not what I said to Natalie Craig verbatim, but that’s how she wrote it.

What I did say was that bike riding is a healthy activity, shouldn’t we be doing all that we can to get more people on bikes, all the “cool” kids want to ride fixies, so let them, and let them ride brakeless, and let them get fines if they get busted by the cops, instead of discouraging them and then they start hanging around train stations and doing graf and taking drugs and beating people up. I’m more for putting it back on the consumer/individual to deal with. I said that most people who ride fixed gear bikes are superior riders and do not need a brake on their bikes, however the fixie ‘craze’ is more than mainstream now and you’re getting kids who can’t ride jumping on a fixie brakeless and this I think is not safe… I mentioned the term ‘nanny state’ at least a dozen times in the interview and that wasn’t mentioned either, because the thing that makes me most irate is that the public are being encouraged to dob in bike shops that are selling fixies… no one likes a tattle tale…

i got interviewed too - but obviously didn’t make the final cut - and actually said something very similar to the quote nick put up. although i think mine was more along the lines of “better hipsters take up fixies than smoking…”

I’m pretty sure sales of Champion Ruby have gone up, in direct proportion to the loss of gears in recent years. Don’t quote me on that though.

its pretty bullshit that they can police something that they have no idea about how it works…
instead of a war on drugs and violence, they have a war on push bikes.

in the words of N.W.A. “i don’t care much for the police”

On that note, i’ve been driving my car brakeless lately - just rev matching my downshifts or ripping the handbrake if a cyclist or pedestrian gets in the way.

It’s pretty cool, I feel really at one with the car, the engine and the transmission. You get really awesome oversteer going fast around corners with the engine spinning like crazy in first gear.

Of course, there’s always gonna be haters tellin me that shit is dangerous, but they don’t understand.

Skateboards, long boards, i think ive even seen some kids on BMX bikes with out breaks? Its just getting attention due to it being this new transport, reaching people not actually riding, but mums and dads and old council peeps and shit head coppers that find it necessary to pull up a kid on his bike that rolled through a stop sign turning left on a road that was free of traffic - on a public holiday - fining him 150$

Happened to me. We’ll all take a hit for the cause then it’ll die dwn, and they’ll go back to kids and ‘taggin’.

As usual… when they see people being free & having fun, they need to control it!
Remember the constant whinging about MTB riders years ago. Seems to have faded away recently.

As usual… when they see people being free & having fun, they need to control it!
Remember the constant whinging about MTB riders years ago. Seems to have faded away recently.

“Cyclists who broke the law by riding without safety equipment, including at least one brake, faced a fine of $149 and could be sued if they were in an accident…”
This include ****heads who open there doors without looking?

Yep, although it’s about the same fine for opening your door without looking and nearly killing someone as it is riding without a brake…

I’m just glad that I fit into The Age’s description of an inner Melbournite.

AFTER thick-rimmed glasses, a ‘‘fixie’’ bike is the hipster’s ultimate accessory. With sleek lines, retro colours, no gears and often no brakes, they are the vehicle of choice for inner Melbourne’s funky ‘‘Fitzroyal’’ set.

My life is now complete.

comparing the ACCC’s regulations to anti-drug policy? I can totally see the connection… riiight

inner melbourne’s funky ‘‘fitzroyal’’ set.

¡¡kill me fucking now!!

and JLN, make sure you visit Seven Seeds when you’re in town, then you’re an honorary innercity funky hipster.

yeah, horrible. just like they tried to connect with the “kids”, by calling the federal police the “feds”…

i studied journalism for a little while, shit like that is why i am not a journalist. that and they use people’s quotes out of context…