Mini Monster Cross

Thought I’d start a build thread for this thing, and I am going to call it a Mini Monster Cross build rather than an Enduro All Road just because it sounds cooler. I am trying to build this as cheap as possible. Will see how it rides and go from there :slight_smile: Idea for usage for be pulling kids/single track/tooling around rides.

Starting point is a 55cm TT steel 26" vintage MTB frameset.

Total outlay so far:

$50 - frame/fork/wheels/dodgy tyres/8 spd cassette
$30 - Avid Shorty 4 brakes
$30 - SRAM X7 10 spd rear derailleur
$30 - Sugino triple cranks (52/42/30), will probably use 42/30, although i have a pinned & ramped 46t I could use
$35 - FSA Alpha triple cranks w BB & candy pedals (44/32/22)
$100 - SRAM Rival shifters

From the spares box:

M520 pedals
Tiagra 12-28 10 spd cassette (have 2 of these in the box for some reason…). Will put something bigger on eventually
Black bar tape

Still need:

Black threaded headset
26.0mm x 60mm black quill stem as high as possible
26.0mm x 40cm compact drops
118mm english bottom bracket

Some pics

And some of the bits that arent yet attached. After looking at these pics I think ill go the Sugino cranks, they look better IMO

Looks tops :slight_smile: Nice thread!

Relevant to my interests!

Excited to see how it turns out. Any idea on what the frame is?

Doesnt appear to be anything special, just a std old mtb frame in cromo be my guess. Have emailed Europa to try find out some more in any case.

Chucked some new tubes at it the other day, and these arrived

So made some progress on this guy finally

Currently looks like this, have another small block eight for the rear, and the stem is at max height now, should be able to drop it down a bit

Does the 10 speed cassette fit on the old 26 inch wheels? The 10 speed is marginally wider, right?

This rear wheel had an 8 spd on, so fit no worries. 8/9/10 are all the same (well 10 needs the spacer to make it the same). 7 is narrower though

Will throw shifters cables and a chain on over the weekend. See if it will drop the 10spd chain between the rings on this old triple crank…

Done…just need to find a longer chain to put on, and ride it. Will get some proper pics on the weekend

Looking good!

Cheers, forgot the comparison pic w the TCX





Looks fantastic. I have a similar project hanging on the wall in the garage. This is some inspiration to get it done.

out in the wild today. couple minor issues to sort tonight but rides nice :slight_smile:

All fixed up, rides really nicely, quite surprised by how it rides actually

Gah, wish the image links weren’t broken!

They work in chrome, looks like IE doesnt like em for some reason, ill fix em up later for you

Kinda dumb since they are links from Microsoft Onedrive…