has anything like this been done in Oz? would be an awesome event. :slight_smile:

14m long x 7m wide x 3.5m high?

sounds like the circle of death!

There is some vimeo up on trackasaurus blog now.Looks like fun.

Awesome. I wonder what they are going to do with the minidrome now they’ve used it?

Did Andy get the mo on?

That gap on the right hand side looks like a death trap.

Results are half way down the page

lots of spills in this vid Mini Drome through the eyes of Grunt5

There definately should be more of this.

How much would one cost to make roughly? Pine frame + ply can’t be all that much, and looks like a shitload of fun.

its fucking retarded.

Waaaay too small.

The idea is good but it could of been done a bit better/safer IMO.

The transition from the bank to the straight is too shallow (hence people flying off)and what’s with the 3inch drop to the floor on the inside.

Great idea and full props to get it done though.

If anybody wants to give it a crack in Melburn I’d put my hand up to help in a flash.

i don’t get it.

Looks really ghey to me

Wow, so much negativity. I think it’s an awesome idea and would love to have a crack at something like it. Agree that it could be refined somewhat but props to the guys for getting it done and organising what looked like a mad weekend of bike!

lots of spills in this vid Mini Drome through the eyes of Grunt5

i like the music.,

It looks kinda funny to me, though i like the idea.
A bit like getting formula 1 cars and getting them to drive around a round about.

It looks fun as shit.

As stupid as shit, like riding brakeless track bikes on the street…

But once again, that is fun.

looks entertaining, even with the dangerous design flaws.

You can save yourself a few grand building one and just go to elwood instead.
The novelty will wear off just as fast.

That’s awesome! i’d love something like this in Australia