For the Adelaidians, try the donut-thing at Fulham, or the capsule there… or the bowl if you’re brave.

can you still get to the bowls at Elizabath AQUADOME?

The Red Bull track looks a little dangerous and impractical… a bit like our bikes but still fun!

I reckon with a few pallets, nails, ply and beer Melbourne could build a sweet one!
Ive got some mad hookups for nail guns n than if anyone is keen.

Elwood time trials would be nuts tho!

More footage

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I think the whole idea was to create stacks and spills, more exciting for the punters, and a serious challenge for the riders. Red bull events are never easy, they always make it bigger (or in this case smaller) steeper, harder, etc. Thats what makes it popular. Would I do it, not a f%^king chance, would I turn up to watch, you bet your a$$!

it reminds me of tom green’s driveway bowl in freddy got fingered. and so do the stacks…

I don’t get it its way to small, to go fast and then the guy flips over the side…hahaa