Missed Connections - Part 6

Sorry, time for some housecleaning and i think 100+ pages means its time for the next version.

As you were…

But the BV forums are well beyond 1000 pages!

asian guy on fuji frame with spinergy’s near art’s centre!

spotted! should have stopped to chat :slight_smile:

Hey to the 3 guys jamming in the drains near Flemington bridge tonight. By jamming I mean playing drums, bass and guitar, fully amped up, in the drains. Awesome!

Also some dudes on fixies near there, but given they are a dime a dozen these days who cares, particularly when it is not every day you see a band in a completely random place.

Not a worthy goal.

(Saw Ian_human on Gertrude this arvo on my way to DISC, was too slow to yell out)

Bright orange Jim Bundy Road tonight with risers and campag running gear locked up at Box Hill station… sooooo nice… keen for risers on the Battaglin roady soon

Haha, that’s mine. Spending the night at my folks place tonight. Too sick and lazy to ride it out to Lower Templestowe.

white forks, black frame cruising down William street early this evening.

on chapel st this morning, dude in black and green lycra on some sort of white / lime green SS monster with aerospokes on both wheels. hideous colour combo but I couldn’t look away!

last night heading back home form a small ride with a few friends a guy on a white bike? clipless, riding city bound on brunswick st layed down some rubber for us.

topped off the perfect night of riding with the moon sitting so low.

that may have been me.

corner of kerr and brunswick?

Pony propped up in the first floor window of ‘Ye Olde Lodge’ on Park St at the Brunswick end of Royal Parade. Anyone here? Always gets me pumped up on the ride home…

i guess, i wasn’t really looking. 3 or 4 guys, crossing brunswick?

yup that be us

baby blue bike, red deep v rear and white flashy potato spoke on swanston st


diddy (i think) riding east along grattan street about 2.35pm? blue bike, white drops?

hey man :smiley:

guy on the upfield bike path. hybrid MTB, complete with baby seat on the back, and a whole heap of spoke cards in the front wheel. wtf?

like a whole heap as in could barely see through the wheel?

i’ve seen this guy around a few times if so, all the spoke cards are form different locations he’s ridden to i assume.

yeah sounds like the same guy. the wheel appeared to be completely full of cards, i didn’t really get much of a look as he was going the opposite direction to me.