Missed Connections - Part 6

Chapel and Dandy Road… Dark Blue or Black bike with silver deep v’s, no hands track stand fail. Lucky the rail out the front of the Astor was there, or you would have gone arse up.


Rattle-can spraypainted road conversion with black B43s laced to a coaster brake, locked opposite 1000 £ Bend. Staff?

bricks shat, mind blown

edit: and whose sweet conversion w. white saddle & tyres, black stem is on p.6 of the current Telstra shop business catalogue?

A whole heap of younger looking roadies in moe sitting in their support van. :s

I saw a guy riding a fixed gear bicycle on Collins St. today…

Hey yeah Rolly, I thought that was you. At least I recognised the bike. Did you grow a beard?

guy on red and white bike…flemington rd

rode past my gf and i, you shouldn’t run red’s if you can’t track stand…

But isn’t the point of trackstanding so you can wait for the red light? Maybe if you can’t trackstand you should run reds :evil:

Up in Sydney for the week. Black Aerospoke outside Bar Italia, and some other pimped out rides in Leichhardt. Things have changed a lot since I moved to Melbourne in 08.

Doesn’t really narrow it down… got any more info? Were they anally observing every red even though the roads are dead today? :evil:

But isn’t the point of trackstanding so you can wait for the red light? Maybe if you can’t trackstand you should run reds

haha cheeky…valid point i guess :slight_smile:

going down bridge road at 6.30
blue frame, orange rear wheel, white aerospoke front.

was about to request skid when one was performed anyway.
very nice.

the bars said Correct on them or something?

trackstands are only for the brave…

haha yeah i suppose i did. i vowed to keep it neat and tidy about 6 weeks ago…think i’ve shaved once or twice since then… :smiley:

i’m lazy!!

Saturday, or Sunday (this last weekend is all very very blurry) morning I saw the same girl I encountered a few weeks ago on the leopard print fixed.

anyone know her? if so, give her props

a reputable chap on brunswick st the other day, who obviously felt he had been slighted by the “fixed gear community” at some point, screaming “fucken fixey fag.got cu.nt” at me for no particular reason.

also, me riding my fauxngle speed* around Prahran. No foot retention/two brakes FTW!

*yes i just “curated” that term

Yeh that was me. I dislike you lot.

rachel from NZ, she apparently came out on the ladies thursday ride.

foxy lady on brunswick st today - yellow frame & black rear aerospoke.

usually me yelling at you.

she has to be one of the most spotted riders in melb

Didn’t look like this per chance?