Missed Connections - Part 6

(iam)simon, rolling up brunswick street with absolute grace.

who’s she?

Gotta love Grace.


such a nice bike

I passed her this morning on my way to work up Grattan street also.

heading down collins st last night just before 6, red frame, polished forks and white grips.

The name of this thread should be changed to missed potato’s

White KHS flite 100 with white rims riding along Church St, Brighton yesterday at roughly 2:30. Forgot to ask for a skid. Anyone on here?

2 SS or fixed locked up outside Animal logic in Fox studios. One with a orange charge saddle and orange grips?

Witnessed Fazwon cold rockin’ a 1 handed bar rooter on Oxford street this morning on my way to work…

some guy on white bike…track standing next to me, Hi again!

WTF is that? blue bike in a lane across from UTS sort of, outside reception to watever hotel that is, robocog spoke card.

Dude no handing down fitzroy st tonight,props.

a few dudes out the front of 7-11 near Sherlock Holmes this morning, only saw one bike nearby (of 4) that was fixed.

also a yellow ss riding up william st from flinders.

Did you mash in front of him and do a wild s.kid, causing danger to others who may have been riding in close proximity?

Good ole Fazwon the bearded warrior . . . :expressionless: rockin a good bar rooter is my favourite eh?.

dude on the maroon SS with the aerospoke on the front around 10am on brunswick st, slowing down his pedalling when he came to the lights to make it look like he was riding fixed.

you plonker.

heading south on swanston st about 8 this morning,

guy in full roadie gear (yellow jersey maybe?) on a gorgeous kypo fixed. someone on here?

Did it have a rack?!

Frixie Friday crew?