Mobile Phone Plans, arrrghhh!

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Far out, shopping for new phone plans is a pain in the arse. I hate it, I’m not in tune with the “in’s and out’s” and I suppose that puts me in the same boat as some others.

I’d like a 32GB iPhone 5s, 3GB data would be nice. I’m currently with Optus in inner Melbourne.

Optus will give me 2GB Data for $75pm or 3GB Data for $82pm with unlimited calls/SMS/MMS.
iPhone 5s Plans - Optus

Vodafone will give me 3GB for $75pm or 5GB for $80pm again with unlimited calls/SMS/MMS.
iPhone 5s | Price & Plans | Vodafone Australia

And Telstra, although I’m sure it’s great coverage is looking a bit expensive for me.

Basically, Vodafone sounds like good value but I’m unsure if they are going to suck to deal with.

What are people running? and what have your experiences been?

Sorry for the boring thread, just looking for a little direction.


I’m on amaysim, 3gb Data unlimited everything else, need to top up extra money for OS calls/text, operates on optus network, $39 a month, no contract, can setup to auto debit accoount. Bring own phone.

Reception/coverage is ok, not great.

There is also Boost, $45 a month, only 2gb a month but better coverage/reception, same as above otherwise as far I recall.

Sime - if you are looking for an iPhone and can hold out, do so as the newer model is due out around September.

  1. Better spec phone etc.
  2. If you don’t care much for the latest and greatest - the one you are looking at will come down in price.

Just to make your decision making easier!

I’m on Virgin, which uses the Vodafone Optus network. $29 a month on prepaid (bought my Nexus 5 outright) gets me a gig of data and more calling time than i ever use

Good performance in inner Melbourne, but coverage outside the inner suburbs / regional places is not amazing.
I carry a Telstra prepaid sim when i go to remote areas.

Buy a Nexus 5 outright and jump on pre-paid or a BYO phone plan.

I thought Virgin used the Optus network. (I’m with Virgin, pay something like $39 a month and never use my data/calls/texts up etc, and I got my phone with that. I think. Still rocking a Galaxy S2)

Good idea, currently on an iPhone4, it’s not dead yet.

I’m on the same plan as Jelmer.

Then just keep using it.

Look into pre-paid as well. I bought my iPhone 5 outright, am on pre-paid through Woolworths (Optus network). $26 lasts 45 days and I get 5gb of data each time I recharge and some stupid amount of calls and text, plus free Optus-to-Optus calls. Never run out of call or text credit, and can recharge using my phone (app or call) or online… but you can’t buy the Woolworths sim anymore. Have good things about Amaysim pre-paid though.

Hated being on a plan and having to worry about going over my cap.

Steer clear of Vodafone unless you want no coverage (although that may have changed).

I’m also hanging out until September to get an iPhone 5. I won’t be able to afford the latest and greatest. Vodafone are fine to deal with, coverage is fine. Optus is the only carrier that doesn’t have reception in my semi-basement work if that means anything. The only time I wish I had Telstra was that time I binned it on the 1 in 20 and I had no reception…

Excellent thread, keepem advice coming. I’m still on an iphone 3 (really on its last gig) and want to get the fk out of Telstra.

Those of you who are not iphone users, what’s a good phone?

Like WCP, Adz et al. When I was in Oz I was with Virgin - prepaid plan hella cheap ($20-30) with plenty of data and lots minutes.

If you have money buy your iPhone/Android outright. Usually works out to be cheaper when you cost it out across 24 months.

Tpg has some cheap plans (again Optus).
I am only paying $19 a month with 1gig of data, but to be fair, my phone is not my primary device.

Having used Samsung Galaxy phones for work and iPhones at home, I can strongly vouch for how much more intuitive iPhones are. Unless you’re a mega techhead and know exactly what you’re doing you’ll probably be better off with an iPhone. Samsungs are annoying if you’re used to the ease of use of an iPhone. (…I can hear the Apple detractors already).

Good thread. My red bull mobile credit ran out last month :frowning:

Any comparable pre-paid offers these days? Don’t mind the Vodafone network…

Go Android then you’ll be cool AND against the trend!

I’m not passionate either way, but i do appreciate how with Android I can just move files (especially music) over without having to sync through iTunes. I can use it simply like a flash drive.

Excellent point. iTunes can SUCK terribly