Mods deleting posts?

This place is getting to be a little too dictatorial for my liking. Where’s the fun?

Oh, this thread will be locked for sure. :smiley:


they might hear you.

The first rule of censorship is: you do not talk about censorship. The second rule of censorship is: you DO NOT talk about censorship!

Sorry it was wide open :smiley:

I totally agree. Damn commies. Rules for this, rules for that. “READ THE FUCKING RULES!” posts by admins. Not cool.

Who cares if a thread goes off topic, what difference does it make? Is it using up precious bandwidth or something? I just don’t get it.


I for one welcome our new fascist overlords.

brown nose

how of hands how many of you would want to do the job…for free, i’m guessing? perhaps you would rather have to sift through 3897 viagra and porn ads every time you want to check out whats hot,hip and happening in the world of fixed. most un-modded forums become a veritable wasteland of adverts for smut,cheap rolex and dial a bride services pretty quickly.

I personally am a big fan of fascism…

Yes! thread rules!

the dude on the right, unsure of what to make of the president of the united states sending his house staff on such an important visit.

As soon as Spud’s picked all the pieces of his skull out of the ceiling he’ll lock it fo’ shiz now.

:-o :-o :-oCHEAP CHEAP CHEAP :-o :-o :-o