moser pursuit

i know, i never understood why people bid to their max bid in the first day of the auctions. just let it sit til 15 seconds to go and put your max on… boom!

That theory dosnt work on items that are extremely sought after as every one wants to get in early and show they are serious. When this happens go in all guns blazing showing your cashed up.

Lol. You might end up with the item but I guarantee you’re paying more than you would otherwise.

Maybe you should open up a second account and bid against yourself early on just to make sure everyone sees how serious you are.

You won’t snipe a frame like this it’s serious collectors.
Big budgets, might work on a Aussie frame in australia but this thing good luck unless your snipe bid is about $4000

Didn’t work so well for Google
Patents Are Very Valuable, Tech Giants Discover: Nathan Myhrvold - Bloomberg

A third shocker was how Google structured its public bid. Neither I nor anybody I have spoken with can explain what Google was thinking. Had it simply waited for the auction, it easily could have won. Other bidders had much lower expectations and wouldn’t have had the time to get board approval for bids large enough to stay in the game.

Well, if I’m prepared to pay $4000, why would I put that upfront and give people a chance to debate with themselves whether they can stretch another $100, then another $100, then another… Cos that’s what happens. People get emotionally involved and start telling themselves: “What’s another $100”.

If, on the other hand, they think they’ve blown all other competitors out of the water at $2500 (or at $250) they’re going to get a surprise when the $4000 snipe comes in.

And if it goes for more than I’m prepared to pay: well, I wouldn’t have won it anyway. So no loss.

And no, this frame isn’t for serious collectors*. It’s for pedal mafia types and 45 yo investment bankers who go to nightclubs and offer coke to girls half their age.

  • at that price

Spot on, there is NO auction out there that shouldn’t be sniped. It lets you make a rash decision about the maximum you’re prepared to pay and stops others jumping at the last minute.

Sniping doesn’t work, it’s all hype. I’ve done extensive empirical research that shows sniping will lead to a higher price on average than not.

This is grade A bullshit, but the less people that know about sniping and believe it doesn’t work, the better.

THe first rule of sniping is…

going in hard works for traditional auctions. ebay, snipe all the way… though i normal put in a little bid early on state my intentions :).

also, thanks for further info on this frame. wasn’t aware one hour record frames were so desirable. they sure are pretty.

I’m with Sir Kev … you’d be stupid to buy anything of value on eBay without using a snipe bid. Take the emotion out of it, set your price, and get on with other more important things. If you win great, if not … no worries.

Hinault also rode the same design

Hinault Low-Pro | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

getting back to the bike… what are the advantages of the heavily sloping top tube and 650 front? having such a steep frame then putting bullhorns on it doesn’t seem to give much more of an aero position than you’d get with, say, a slightly longer seatpost and some deep drops.

sure these old TT/pursuit bikes look sweet, but i’ve always thought they were an overly complicated way of achieving the desired fit…

That’s the flickr account of Norris Lockley who made frames under his own name Bespoke, and was based in Settle, UK (which I think is in the north??). Anyway, he knows more about french bikes, who built them and the French bike industry than perhaps anyone. And yes, he’s a Pom. Lovely guy, master builder - especially considering he built all sorts of bikes.

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Similar frame to the Bespoke’s frames for sale here…

Serotta Competition Bicycle Forums - Mecacycle

French built


Wow. Good on the seller, and also the buyer for wanting something so much. Bravissimo !!!

I’m putting money on someone bidding this thing up with fake accounts or friends accounts. Watch out for the relisting in a few weeks.

This /\

Jumping from $5k to $9k in one bid looks pretty fucking suss !!

no chance is this frame worth 9k!