moser pursuit

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Understatement, that is so sexy.

yea, i’m gonna watch this one

Holy Shit!!!

do want

tt build should be completed this week… time for a new project

This will put a strain on my ,balls,back,bank balance.
I’d be suprised if it goes for less than a g but I’m watching

Well i bid but i have ran out of gas now so im out.

0-$1300 and still got 8 days to go too!

is this really worth 3k+???

If you have lots of $'s, what’s $3k?
To put in into perspective it doesn’t buy an entry level Taiwanese made Colnago.

I’m not saying all the cool old frames are going to disappear overnight but things will keep getting pricier and they aren’t exactly making stuff like this anymore. My old mate who collects and restores Bentley’s and classic Jags always says “There’s no such thing as paying too much, only too early”.

but is there anything particularly rare or special about this frame? there are plenty of similar examples that go for much less, and it’s condition (while good) isn’t exceptional.

Its the hour record frame design. To some, this is in the same league as the Cinelli laser.

What Gypsy said. + the hour record/low front/small front wheel/ aero/ cowhorn etc etc is usually synonymous with Moser and his hour record. Others had started this trend but it was Moser actually using it to break the record that also opened the flood gates for such style and is the most known.

The above frame (being auctioned) is just a production bike, as was made to cash in and offer to the public. The actual hour record bike was much different with a huge rear wheel, split seat tube and was made just for Moser and his hour record attempt.

Isn’t that the bike from the 1988 indoor hour record attempt? The ebay frame is a commemorative edition of the 51.151km outdoor (at altitude) record from 23/1/84, that didn’t have the oversize rear wheel. (In the above pic, the front wheel is actually bigger than a 700C!)

Same frame as that red “pinarello” frame that was up for sale recently. obviously the “pinarello” was actually a f.moser, but that does not make either frame any less sexy!!!

Yes, you’re right. Got mixed up with the different versions he was riding. Sorry.

His first attempt in 1984 only just bettered Merckx’s old record, and he had another crack at it a few days later in full skin suit to take it to 51.151.

To put in in perspective. At the time Moser had more exposure, more talk about him amongst other cyclists, and was bigger news than any pro riders or winners of the tour at the time. So was Dave Scott of Iron Man fame. Cycling just got radical and everything till then seemed old. Index shifting, aero, funky colours, disc wheels, small front wheels, time trial bars, skinsuits and funny technologies.

i bid up to 2250 on this, i’ve wanted one for a long time

seeing as you’ve been outbid, i reckon you should drop some coin on this instead

Vintage Masi Special Track Frame Pista Cinelli 56 (eBay item 230650621661 end time 01-Aug-11 22:16:52 AEST) : Sporting Goods

i’m watching the 54cm he has for sale but i won’t pay that much for it

It’s 2011. Who the hell doesn’t use sniping programs??

You don’t want to show your hand early against some noob with 3 feedback. They always keep upping the bids.