Moth Attack Bikepacker

Build my amazingly talented friend Megan of Moth Attack, based out of Vegas. Her first crack at building something like this (mostly she builds road, track and cross bikes), so it was a pretty fun and open process figuring out geo/mounts/all the specifics.

Rear drop outs are Paragon Poloydrops. 142x12 and with direct mount for Shimano mtb rear mechs. 100x15 up front. 3 sets of bidon mounts, 3 pack bosses on the forks.

Non-suspension-corrected because I’m built like a gorilla (short legs, long body/arms) and keeping the front end lower gives me more space in the frame for a half frame bag and bidons.

Build is as follows:
Front wheel: SP PD-8x Dynamo to Stans Flow
Rear wheel: DT 350 to Stans Flow
Tyres: Maxxis Ikon and Ardent Race 2.2
Post: Thomson Elite
Saddle: Fizik Arione
Stem: Thomson X4 100mm
Bars: Salsa Bend 2 - 17 degree
Grips: Ergon GS3
Groupset: Shimano XT 8000 (11-42 cassette and 38-28 rings)
Brakes: Shimano SLX

Lights and charger still to come. Most likely K-Lite and Sinewave.

Saw this on the gram. So rad.

That’s very nice Lewis. Very nice indeed.

Love it,

Very very nice.

Do you want to talk about the fork cage/rack things? To carry some sort of roll on each side?

They’re called Salsa Anything Cages. Yeah, basically just for strapping small dry bag to. Great for carrying stuff like sleeping pads, small tents etc

Thanks Lewis.


10/10 Lewis. Love the colour!

Potentially going to get some aerobars for big stuff like the Hunt 1000 but I doubt they’ll be a permanent addition.

I love this bike

I errr… You’re really great and I appreciate you Pete.

^ You can still be friends.

Looking good

Its really cool :slight_smile: Nice thought about the non-suspension correction maximizing framebag volume. Do you know what steel she used for the various bits? The 11 sp double has a great range.

I think she was usually using True Temper eh? But I dunno, and that’ll change anyway cos they’re stopping bike tube production

put them on permanently trust me 2017 is gonna be a really big year for getting aero you heard it here first

Yeah it’s all True Temper but couldn’t tell you more specifically than that.

Yeah very happy with the range it’s got so far!

It’s a cracker, Megan should be stoked with what she has produced.

Stoked when I saw this on the 'gram. Was keen to hear more about it.
Nice work on the geo & non-corrected fork.