Ron Burgundy, Burt Reynolds, Butch Cassidy, Borat, legends of men, legendary mo’s…

Get involved fellas…For a great cause


VERY good cause, I’m trying to grow my first ever mo for this, its sooooooo shit haha.

Sigh… I could have been a contender :smiley:

Pfft…I just look I’ve scrubbed dirt on my top lip!

The "Chopper’ last year scared a few people, so going for the tailored, "Mick Malthouse’ look this year.

If you like the mo, cough up the dough!*It’s for a good cause after all.

its an awesome cause

so i awesome i support it year round

After the wispy disgrace I grew in 2005 Movember I have been banned from ever participating again by my wife.

Also my best mate did it last year and he looked like a pedophile.

fuck that. i’m letting myself go for messember.

I thought every month was messember for you.

I’m gonna be hitting the spray booth for Tanuary.

I’m hanging out for Capril.

This was also the year I tried to pop my Movember cherry. I failed. My girl friend, friends and family are all apauled when I try to grow a moustache. I have blonde hair, and an even blonder mo. I like it. Others don’t. But if I can convince them that I’d be doing it for a good cause, then maybe they’ll let me grow back my facial abomination. High five for moustache.

Will start growing it next week. :smiley:
I am going for the ‘undercover brother’ style 8-). If you have received the MoStyleGuide from, you will understand… team?

signed up yesterday

I just signed up,
i’m very certain my mo will be shocking and the wife might divorce me. (as she hates facial hair)
but its for a good cause.

you wont

i will.

The wife wont stand for it and you’ll be sleeping on the couch.

I don’t think I will this year, photos from last year were far too gross.

Tried it once, lasted about 2 weeks. Couldn’t tolerate Mrs Commuter’s obstinate denial of marital accommodations.

Did you explain: