Moving from Fixed to Road (the mid-lycra crisis) - frame suggestions

Currently riding around on a Dolan DF3, but now that I’ve started using it on the track I want to dedicated it for that purpose. I’m after a frame (more than happy shopping 2nd hand) with similar geometry.

It’ll be a daily city commuter (~14km) with weekends of ~60-80km riding to the suburbs to visit family, so I guess I can compromise on geometry, though I’m more than comfortable head down ass up and riding drops.

Just after some brands and model names since I’ve got plenty of components lined up (don’t even need the fork). with my budget, I know buying 2nd hand is the best/only option. no more than $1000, preferably less than $500.

Caad10, don’t even bother with anything else.

^ this.

Glad to hear the Dolan is getting some on the velodrome.

Thanks again for the sale mate. She’s been an obsession for me:


Arent you the guy that breaks everything??? Can’t wait for the roadie version of your destructo thread.

Buy a caad 10

$20 says the bottom bracket goes

BB30 creaks for featherweights. I wonder how a praxis gxp converter would go…

Yea, that guy… Here’s to hoping that brakes and a freewheel mean less stress on the bike.

necro bump…

im doing the same…Cannondale are having some great prices right now…but at my price range (1500-2000) they really dont look good…on the other hand, there’s a colnago acr which looks spectacularly better…

This is out there but… CAAD10

new or used?

at that budget id be looking at Di2.

buy a giant.
for real.

I’d go the CAAD12 over the 10 for sure - difference in $$$ with sales doesn’t seem worth foregoing the new bad boy

which one?

on the cannondale…i was really only looking for new given the sales. But just saw this one second hand, a shame its small for me…