Moving to Perth?

Hi guys,

I have been offered a job to set up an office in Perth and I am looking for places to rent. I have only been to Perth once before so my knowledge of the suburbs is not very good. I like the idea of being near the beach, currently looking at Cottesloe and South Fremantle, I know South Fremantle is relatively dog friendly what’s Cottesloe like for dogs? Any other beach side places I should be looking at?

Cheers Hugo

There’s a great dog beach near mosman park, Just down from cottesloe. I don’t really know much about the Perth real estate/ rental prices but places like Bicton and East Fremantle may be worth a look. Fremantle would be a great place to live near as there are lots of resteraunts, cafes, bars and pubs all within riding distance.

short term or long term? budget?

anything beach side and within 10km of the city i would think would not be cheap!

Probaly looking for a year lease, somwhere around the $700 - $800 a week mark.

I live in cott. North cott is good for dogs. Rental in Perth anywhere is a bit shocking. With your budget you will be able to get something pretty good in cott/swanbourne.

Now who is gonna sing out and wave to me on K Willy in the morning?

Moves to Perth … Must ride 100000gi :slight_smile:

i used to live in trigg, good little spot.

where is work going to be? id try city beach or even subiaco…

Everywhere is close tothe beach in Perth. I live in burswood an it’s a 10-15 min drive or 30 minute ride to the beach.

Beat the 1:30+ I used to have to travel when I lived in Syd!

Im sure Zolty could do a detour


Where is Trigg and what is it short for? The office will be in Leederville.

Kinda looking for something 5 minutes walk to the beach. I am sure the travel times will be a shock coming from little old radelaide.

I have been looking around Cotts and may need to stretch the budget slightly.

Trigg is short for Trigg lol!!

Look around Scarbourough, City Beach, etc. Jolimont is a little further in land but still ridic close to the beach! But still 7-800 a week will get you something nice.

Leederville itself is pretty good.

I lived there for 3 years, was epic. Just don’t go walking around on a wednesday night after 9. Too many fist pumping biffs on a mission to knock your block off.

Sorry to Hijack the thread Huge but I just moved to Perth too (from the UK). I got a place to stay etc but I need some local knowledge. What’s the law on riding Brakeless round these parts? Do people ride brakeless in Perth or is no no. Also I know its the law to wear a helmet but on a short little ride this morning saw a couple of people without lids.

Also any recommendations for good pubs/clubs/social activities/jobs much appreciated

Cheers guys

Hey bud, welcome.

In response to your queries -

A) Riding Brakeless is illegal. However plenty of people do and I have yet to have been pulled up for it.
B) Helmets are mandatory in all parts of Australia. It is against the law to ride without one.

Pubs/Clubs/Social Activities/Jobs) depends what you are into. Plenty of places to see and go in the city / northbridge / mt lawley / leederville and subiaco areas. Can’t help you with a job though sorry.

how do they stop then? 100+ gi is hard enough to get going let alone stop in a hurry

B) Helmets are mandatory in all parts of Australia. It is against the law to ride without one.

The cop next to me said its not an enforceable law anymore. There are very few cops who would waste their time on someone without a helmet unless you are causing issues in the first place.

^ Bullshit they will book you no problem, shit they may even tazer you if you dont stop in qld.

You should see our legs lol skidz for dayyyzzzzz

+1 I got stopped by cops over here turning left at a ‘no left turn’ sign. Even though I was turning to go the same way as traffic lol. Asked me about my bike. I said it was a track bike then he wrote me up for $150.

Wear a helmet and they generally don’t look at you. Going helmet less mkes you an easy target!

was this turning left onto the horse shoe from roe st?