Mt Coot-tha 24/01/2012 - HEADS UP - SPEED FILMING

Hi All,

Just a heads up to those who usually head up coot-tha on a thursday morning (me included). Tomorrow, Today Tonight will be filming and operating a speed camera to capture cyclists speeding on the mountain.

Might be worthwhile obeying speed limits tomorrow so that we don’t end up with a bad wrap and perpetuate the public perception that were all a menace to society.


they should do a report about all the douchebag cvnt fuk cameramen and news teams that think they own that road and love to play the “lets see how close i can skim past this cyclist” game

^fucking this, that piece of shit abc Honda 4wd.
So if they take a photo of you do they print them and you can buy them at the kiosk?
As we don’t have plates?

Whip skids for the camera?

this please,






Despite us having to dodge the douches in their camera cars, that clown in his green piece of crap etc - this is an opportunity to stick it to them by NOT giving them a news story. Its an opportunity to build the reputation of cyclists in a positive way. A negative story will just fuel the driver/anti-cyclist perceptions and agression towards us on the road. One morning, in a very specific location, of good behaviour won’t kill you. But sure, get riled up on a forum they won’t read anyway if it helps you sleep. :stuck_out_tongue:

fuck yeah who can get clocked at the highest speed? i dont have a cycle computer so ive never been able to get a max speed on a decent, i passed my first car coming down mt mee last weekend so thats pretty good eh? holy shit this is worth getting up extra early for!

geez you’re not making any friends in becausefixieland, guys…
Mark Mcc
those guys, that forum!!! arghghghghgh
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Liam O’Donnell Huh?
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Matthew Swan Williamson ???
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Keir James FOA?
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Mark Mcc bingo
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Liam O’Donnell What happened this time?
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Keir James Hahahahaha
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Mark Mcc lol. the usual douchery.
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Matthew Swan Williamson Just reading the offending thread…
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Matthew Swan Williamson Egos that block out the sun…
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Liam O’Donnell Link us!
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Mark Mcc I’ll pm you
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B-rad Marshall I’ll grab the link too please. I’ve never been on that forum, wouldn’t know where to start.
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i guess marky newflavour on the block takes this fixie shit seriously.


Scott move out the way please, you’re blocking the sun.

fkn lol

They just wont run any story if its not negative though, so win win for them

Doubt there wouldve been much of a story today anyhow, everybody knows carbon bikes and wheels melt in the rain.


I see where you’re comin from newflavour, but unfortunately all they’ll need is a couple of shots of cyclists descending (speeding or not) & they’ll blow it up into some kind of shitrag of a story. I don’t even know where Mt Cootha is exactly.



and no, I take the public image and safety of cyclists seriously.

thing is though, that the shitrag tabloids and current affairs shows don’t give a shit. All they want is a sensationalised story with no regard for whether it’s true or not. They recently followed a lady in Sydney who rides with her kid in a trailer: she broke no laws, put her and her kid in no danger, and the only time a car got close was when the reporter’s car was buzzing her while she rode. The story came out as “Mother puts child in danger” or some shit.
I respect your efforts, but there’s not a damn thing anyone can do to stop these fuckwits from doing whatever they want.

fuckin hahahahahahahahhahahahaha

fixay famous brah!!! for being a jerk… :slight_smile:

I do what I can

they filmed me on coot-tha during the 2011 floods to do some beat-up about cyclists ignoring some request not to ride there.
when a) i didn’t even know b) i was just riding home

they never aired it as far as i know

can somebody show me where this becaz stuff is???

meh… herp