MTB 1x conversion

I have a rubbish old Giant Boulder frame i’m cobbling together and want to do away with the front derailleur. Any suggestions on a crank that will work?

Will post in the Muppet Setups thread once i’m done.



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What cranks do you have at the moment? You may just need a new chainring

Standard item is a cheap pressed metal, spot welded together thing, trash basically. I have a spare set of Gossamers from a roady but the arms don’t clear the chainstay.

Sram direct mount cranks have pretty decent support in terms of narrow wide chainrings, but I know sfa about them and what’ll fit.

I’d get some Shimano hollowtech MTB cranks, either new or second hand.

Easy to get 1x chainrings for any generation.

10spd (or 9spd) generation 104bcd stuff will be cheap to get rings for if you’re are on a budget.

Got a Truvativ Howitzer Blaze crankset with a 32T ring and bashguard, linked by a Howitzer Team BB sitting here doing nothing. Used to use it on my GT Peace 9r and then the Voodoo Dambala for commuting purposes.

What bcd is that Geoff? Sounds like it might do the job, will PM you.



104cm BCD, four bolt.

Replied to your DM.