Munda Biddi record set

Is this a thing you guys care about?

Top Stories: Mountain biker smashes record after ‘tough’ four days on 1,000km trail

Already seen some chatter about how sub-4 is very possible (from someone who could do it and lost a day being sick and doing it in about 5 days).

We shall see I guess.

I haven’t ridden the exact trail, but I have walked some of the Bibbulmun and having grown up in Perth and having friends family in Donnybrook and Albany I’ve spent a lot of time in the area. The area is a LOT flatter than the Hunt route so if Lewis can that in ~5 days then sub-4 should be a breeze.

Already been hit up by some friends in Perth who want to help me make it happen. Reckon I’ll give it a nudge in the spring.

Edit: Also, dunno about all this “world record” and personal film crew jazz.
I’ll be going self supported and aiming for a regular old FKT.