Munster Track - Halloween Alleycat 2010

meet 7pm Oct 31st at Flagstaff gardens, $5 to ride,
winner takes most, good costumes get a 4 minute lead.
approximate distance 40-50kms between a series of spooky checkpoints on all sides of melbourne.
Trick or Treat.

4 minutes! I better dust off my dead Anna-Nicole Smith costume.

Nice work Liam.

4 minutes! I better dust off my alive Anna-Nicole Smith costume.

Memoirs from the spot, too long, no 4 min lead. It should be short and fast. Inner city stuff.

anyone else wanna come as a juggalo?

speak for yourself! 50ks in my catwoman suit works just fine for me!

or should i just give all the prize money to you now, is that easier for you?

i’ve picked up some organisational tips from the Golden Greek, one being that everything is up for change right up until the ride starts, so don’t count eberything on the flyer as gospel, at least for a couple of days. Will be checking out checkpoints tonight.

Haha, I won’t win, just giving my 2c

i thought entry was $5

the 4 minute rule is just so everyone puts a little more effort into what they wear. i figure if everyone dresses up, everyone starts together
if someone wears an ball gag and gimp mask i will give them more lead time tho…

and you won’t with that attitude either!!!

40-50kms? i’ll die.

looks like i’m checkpointing, hit me up Lam

Another alleycat I can’t go to.
Maybe if I take a sick day on Monday…

+1. just booked flights to canberra to see the lady on that weekend.

good thing there’s the midnight alleycat the following week. i’m keen for some more mid-table mediocrity!! :slight_smile:

Wait, when’s cup weekend?

YESSSSSSSSS!!! i’ll bring a pelican

starts saturday 30th. cup day is tuesday 2nd of november

That’s fantastic.
I might well have that Monday off, which means I WILL bother to come to the city for this.
Costume planning starts now.

surely you could fashion something close to the gimp mask LAM posted earlier??? you’d have spare leather/upholstery type material lying around wouldn’t you?

excellent, you’re just the man for the job. look forward to seeing the pics.

hooray for dylan!!!

me you and jam’s = team juggalo?!!! sooo in for that

if you dont mind crashing on a miss matched bunch of couch cushions you can crash at mine if you dont got nowhere else to stay