Muppet setups you see on a regular basis

oooooh I like this. shame I deleted all my pics from pre 2014, had some crackers in there…

Will participate in this, from now til forever.

I’ve got one lined up for tomorrow.

BIGW MTB frame, check.
20" Kmart girls bmx wheels, check.
NOBR AKES, check.

Not sure I feel disdain, or respect that he’s actually the bush-mechanic of the bicycle world.

^that’s gotta be a busted saddle?!?!

Or a busted taint?

EOTF at my workplace will provide rich pickings for this thread.

Got Rack? Check the switches…and the klaxon.

Thought this thread was gonna be pics of bikes with the saddle at the wrong angle, or midget bikes set up for lankybros.

This is kinda better.

This belongs to a colleague and good friend. It’s actually the perfect setup for him because he never rides anywhere

Awesome thread, subscribed and will participate

Are you making fun of tall people? Cos some of my best friends are tall.

The infamous:-

Stolen image from The Biketorialist

I don’t know if this is the thread for it but last night I was riding behind a hybrid with tri bars, saddle too high, rear rack with milk crate attached and the rider wearing knicks, t shirt, hi vis vest, blundstones and riding up a hill in a tuck.

I’ve seen a guy a few times on the way to work who kinda fits this description. aero tuck, check (not sure i tri bars or not) blunstones, check, high viz, check, hybrid, check.

also this:

Surly Long Haul Trucker Road Touring Bicycle Gray | eBay

Is this “ironic” now?

b/c I’m seeing a lot of it, among a certain set.