Musicians thread.

So… who here plays a musical instrument? What do you play? Are you in a band? What gear have you got?

I’ll start…

I play bass. I played in My Sister The Cop and SWORDS, and I’m going to start jamming tomorrow night with a new band. I play a Kramer 450B bass and also have a beat up and modded Gibson EB-O bass (with a cracked neck). I run a Acoustic Control Corp. 470 solid state guitar head, Boss bass overdrive pedal and a Rat pedal copy.

Played drums for 11 years but haven’t played at all in the last 3 :frowning:

Started playing drums in my teens. Still dabble occasionally when the opportunity comes up (full Gretsch kit is back home with the folks, haven’t had one in Sydney for years)

Took up guitar in school too, got into building guitars, built a few electrics, a lapsteel and a bass (which I still own) almost ended up doing a Luthiery apprenticeship in Melbourne.

Play more guitar than anything now. Mainly folk/gypsy jazz stuff on a little gypsy guitar I bought over here.

Play guitar, been playing for about 17 years. Started at 8.

Had a number of semi-serious bands… I think the best at school was a metal/jazz fusion band and had a pisstake hair metal band at uni to play in the National Band Comps.

Have a Gibson SG, Les Paul, a couple of other electrics and acoustics and a Marshall Valve Combo Amp.

Don’t play as much as I used to, and very rarely go to gigs… I went to about 50 in a 2-3 year period at one stage I think. It’s gotten to the point where I can’t remember if I’ve seen metal bands or not because I saw so many in such a short amount of time with various bands opening for other bands who have since gone bust, or the openers gone big.

I’ll pick up the guitars and call the old band mates again one day… One is still between Syd / Italy, and the other left for NYC today. Good memories. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I stopped playing full time in 2009, and played two reunion shows at the start of this year.

Still see bands a lot though, but not as many as I used to. Mainly interstate and international bands.

I’ve been playing guitar for about 14 years, but you wouldn’t pick it because I’m technically not very good.

I’ve played in two bands. From about 00 -07 I played in a band called Brisk, we released an album and did a few tours . From then till present in a metal band called Bowcaster. We released a 7inch and we are currently trying to finish our first album.

At the moment I play a G&L Nighthawk - basically a strat made by Leo Fender after he sold the Fender company. I’ve got a KMD 100w valve head and some no name cabinet. I recently just got this old Oz made valve preamp which I am really happy with.

Been playing the trumpet for 13 years, still not amazing. Never really tried any really good music pieces. I’ve been in four different bands. But that was only during school (Jazz, Wind Ensemble, Concert and Brass) Concert was great as the group of us went around Australia performing at different places. Also went to NZ, good memories.

I haven’t picked up the trumpet for just over 6months and all the slides and valves are seized. Could be an easy fix, its the only reason why I keep putting it off

I used to play guitar. I used to play in a band. i did a show with frenzalrhomb just when they released Dick Sandwich. I don’t really play at all any more, except I can still play ‘master of puppets’ from start to finish (not including te hard solos, but including the easy solo in the slow bit).

Been playing guitar for about 12 years. Pretty averagely. Got a Maton 225 acoustic, an Ibanez Blazer 1996 BL300 Limited Ed electric (that weighs about 2 tons in a good way), and a couple of cheap Strat copies laying about for the kids/noodling. Cant solo to save myself. Gave my little amp to my kids school recently, hadn’t used it in four+ years. Played bass briefly, was fun, still got my crappy Hawk J-Bass copy someplace. Was in a band as bassist for 12 months, had a blast rehearsing and a few house parties, no real gigs. My bass amp electrics went AWOL so I pulled the speakers and binned it cause it wasn’t worth fixing. The speakers are out in my garage still…might ebay them.

So I am guessing the FOA jam band won’t be doing Big Pig covers.

Been playing guitar for 23 years or so
Current band is chasing moriarty CHASING MORIARTY
Just got the lineup sorted and have only done the one gig so far
Play a couple of custom guitars made by a local guy in melbourne. Use a mesa boogie amp, a couple of eventide fx boxes controlled with an rjm mastermind and a laney 212 cab

Was big into the death metal stuff as a teenager, though never actually played in a band doing that kinda stuff. Never had the hair for it anyway:mad:

I play
saxophone (not very well though)
and piano

I have been making loads of psychadelic trance for more than 10 years and am a wizz on Ableton and Logic

I was a backing vocalist for the Amazing Joel Hockey Movement for a lot of years. Our pinnacle came with the song “Murray McKenny is a top Aussie Bloke”: once you’ve done something as incredible as that song all other music tends to fade into insignificance.

Top Aussie Bloke

I don’t go to gigs anymore. I rarely listen to new music.

Wow! everybody needs to listen to this.

I ‘play’ guitar.
Not so much nowdays, and nothing at all at the forefront of any type of music.

I have a nice Martin 000-15 which I love.
I also have an awesome Maton Mastersound 500 which unfortunately hasn’t even been plugged into an amp for around 4 years.

Damn right.

It’s also the rock solid truth.

Plus it’s got a good beat that I can dance to.

Get your fix here:

When I was in year 4 I had to get extra lessons when everyone learnt to play the recorder. …and that constitutes my entire career as a musician.

This thread is not for me.

Does this mean I can start an amateur theater thread?