My Docidi Track Bike with Campagnolo Group set

Here is my current bike I’m thrashing on the streets

I have put a bit of work into it over the last few months as you will see from the pics.

So it is now set up as.

Frame: Dodici Leggero
Crank: Campagnolo Record
Bottom Bracket: Campagnolo Record
Headset: Campagnolo Record
Pedals: Campagnolo Pro Fit Record
Seat post: Campagnolo Athena
Bars and stem: Nitto Jaguar and Nitto Bars wrapped in cloth tape
Seat: Selle Italia Novus Ferrari Engineering
Wheelset: Campagnolo Pista

Now updated with out the models as it may of been offensive to some viewers

photo1 by Luke Stein, on Flickr

IMG_7638 by Luke Stein, on Flickr

Here are some more detailed pic… excuse the use of a iPhone.

8 by Luke Stein, on Flickr

7 by Luke Stein, on Flickr
6 by Luke Stein, on Flickr
5 by Luke Stein, on Flickr
4 by Luke Stein, on Flickr
3 by Luke Stein, on Flickr
2 by Luke Stein, on Flickr
1 by Luke Stein, on Flickr

Nice bike, looks like a proper track bike, another tubs on the streetz guy ey.
You’re pretty hot as well luke, don’t know how you ride road pedals in those heels though.

Watch your spelling, get those bars pointing to the rear ‘brake’ bridge, and don’t thrash it, it’s a nice bike. Welcome to the forum.


so i should back the angle of the bars off a little?

Ive been Lucky with the tubs on the street so far… but it has stopped me from skidding.

I want to put so nice Italian drops and stem on it can anyone recommend a nice track bar?

Can someone tell me does the Cinelli 2A stem have a sharp angle similar to the nitto to stem i have?

Careful man, that dude looks dangerous. I wouldn’t trust him with your bike.

The 2a is slightly dropped but imho the steep drop stems look like shit and ride even worse with drops.
I dont know why people love them,
Bars are personal but cinelli crits or cinelli pistas are my favourite if you want italian
Bike looks good but we didnt really need the modelling shots.


thank you i will give it a try and see how it feels.


Yeah i do like the Cinelli pista bars i regret selling my old ones… as for the stem maybe i should try something different (slightly shorter and less angle) as i feel like I’m trying to push myself up of the bars a lot of the time.

Try a flatter stem and a little shorter if you fell like your falling over the front also this will mean you might be able to slide that saddle back a little,
But take all this with a grain of salt you cant fit a bike over a photo ,
2a stems are nice but are pretty rare and usually fetch a crazy price.

I like deep drop stems, I don’t like bikes as fashion accessories.

Bike looks nice, can’t say i dig the shots…
And hope you changed your bar angle by now, and pointed it somewhere in the vicinity of the brake bridge and the rear drop outs.
and dude brakeless on the street with tubs and no skidding? Hope you don’t like to go very fast and if you do i hope i don’t cross your path in the city.

I like your bike

Please refrain from posting pictures of your nice bike in combination with yourself and/or girl or at least keep them on you flickr and not here

I had some dreams they were clouds in my coffee
Clouds in my coffee, and…

Making rules at 59 posts?

Who made you the photo police?

Nice bike by the way.

I think there is a rule about who makes the rules.

I think he kinda has a point. Aren’t some of the photos from the dodici site?

Awesome bike though,