My First Fixie... pretty heavy...

Finally all the parts have arrived and installed today…

Update… This will be my new run around from now on… All parts installed and finally finished… =)

Aerospoke overload!

haha hectic! is it ss or fixed? because you seem to have two brakes!
This set up would have costed you a bucket load! (how much are those seatposts?)

also got to ask, has that aerospoke got a breaking surface?

The Spinergy has a breaking surface

Love the colour scheme. originally asked what frame it was, but now realise its a Leader. Tell us how it rides!

whats with the computer?

Once you see it, you’ll shit bricks.

They tell you things like speed & distance etc.

colour scheme?? black on black on black on black + red.

rocket surgery

hehehe i keep getting paid out on the brakes… everyones like “why do u have brakes on a fixie?” well simple… its my first fixie bike… not used to it… i tried stoping using me pedals but atm its still tooo heavy for me and i need to keep learning.

The bike itself is pretty heavy… to be honest i have no idea how good a fixie is suppose to ride… but pretty much all i wanted was a bike that looks sleek to me… didnt care about ride quality.

once im used to the bike ill take the brakes off… =)

Are you serious?

yes… i know im stupid… but hey… i love the look of the bike… dont really care what others think =)

fair enough hipster :smiley:
But most fixies only have front brakes because a back brake is regarded pointless?* (correct me if i’m wrong*), i was meaning why do you have two brakes…
anyway, nice amount of dough put into your first bike, can’t wait to see your next one :stuck_out_tongue:

I think that this is the same philosophy behind riding in skinny jeans…

But seriously, nice bike. Good work keeping the brakes on, better than ending up under a car.

Rear brakes on a fixed gear are “regarded pointless” because you can skid stop. RE53LU is still learning, so having a rear brake seems perfectly reasonable. I don’t see the problem…

Thanks guys… yeh the reason why i have 2 brakes is because on my 1st day riding the fixie and trying to brake using my pedals i ended up on the floor. I myself are not into doing tricks or being able to do skillfull skids using my pedals… i just wanted a bike to replace the car that i have for sale, to get from point A to B and be safe along the way… and yes i do not want to end up me and the bike under someone elses car.

Keep the brake I say. If you’re still not comfortable with skids, that’s fine. Try practising on grass. There’s a lot less resistance than on the bitumen, and if you do happen to come off, it’s not as harsh on your skin, or the bike. Pretty nice looking bike too. =)

if its your first, def use 2 brakes. doesnt mind what others do.

you might want to try the front light on the fork or headset tube if you find it sitting behind your hand at the brake. can your hands reach the brake?