My Fixie Build Thread

ok so im onto my second build now

my first build was my roadie:

ok so to start i picked up a old cannondale road bike off ebay for pretty cheap

this is it:

came with some decent part
velocity rims with dura-ace hubs
shimano 600 cranks
carbon forks
shimano 105 brakes
unknown italian handlebars

i then got down to disassembling everything

then stripped the paint

thats all i had time for today

tomorrow primer and paint

im going for a matte black

i really like those older cannondale frames, look forward to the build

just ordered a Nitto 100m NJS Stem

are the dropouts vertical? hard to tell in the pics

The dropouts look identical to my Apollo roadie, which don’t allow any adjustment. Papa, you re-building this bike into a fixed gear? If the dropouts aren’t adjustable you’re gonna have serious problems getting the right chain tension…

yeh converting it into a fixed gear…didnt even think about tension issues…ill see what happens

yeh, definitely vertical. There’s a bloke selling an ENO hub on BNA, $200.

magic gear ratio, round file, you might be ok. rookie mistake

ok so i need some help…i have a quando wheelset and the rear hub is too small… what do i need to do to make them fit?

Ok so you have a road bike frame, which will mean the dropouts are spaced to 130mm. The wheels you have most likely have a hub which is 120mm long. You need a new axle. A longer one.

heres what ive done today:

frame was primed:

carbon forks cleanrf up:

cleaned shimano 600 headset:

This is a good place to start for your spacing and vertical drop-out issues. Make sure you read the part about chainline too.

elepea says:

magic gear ratio, round file, you might be ok. rookie mistake

You could also try:

b[/b] using a ‘ghost’ chainwheel (see the ‘ghost’ chainring between the captain’s chainwheel and the stoker’s chainwheel on this tandem - CTC Forum • View topic - Pictures of your bike(s) - it looks cool but I don’t know whether its really practical in the long run); and/or

b[/b] a half link chain connector or a half link chain (which should double your chances of getting your ‘magic gear ratio’ - see Shackle 85 Link Half Link Chain ),

to try and get good chain tension with vertical dropouts.

Of course, if you use any of those solutions you will still lose tension as your chain “stretches” – so you really want some way that you can easily adjust the chain tension. I reckon the best solution is to get an experienced frame builder to change the your vertical dropouts to track ends, or (failing that) to use an ENO eccentric hub.

Let it be known that the use of a ghost chainwheel will also double your awesome.

Looks dangerous…Do it.

cheap wheelset

with tyres worth about as much as the wheels.

ok so just test fitted rear wheel…its 4mm or 5mm to small on either side

do you think it can be fixied with just axle spacers?

its looking good so far!

btw how much was the nitto stem

got it for $65aud shipped from eBay