My mash

Thought I should post one of my bikes. Apologies for picture quality…

Choice ride man.

Yeah very smooth…I think I rode passed you a couple of weeks ago on a Sunday Morning on St Georges road near Dannys Take away.
Either that or someone has the exact same setup.

^ Yeah prob me man, I’m usually on the road around that area most sundays.

Sweet bike mannn

a rare beast

compared to what? a bianchi pista?

i’d guess there at least 3 in melbourne… and you can actually order them from a variety of places. that’s 3 times the number of many other more unique marques.

if you want to post in every thread, please do so with quality information.

what are the specs?

think i have one lying around somewhere!

It’s 53cm, b43’s with veloc hubs. BOgear straps, sugino messenger cranks 46t and 16t roselli cog. Turbo saddle, which as of last night has been replaced with a Brooks honey saddle and also chop and flops that I have put some brooks honey leather bar tape on, which I think makes the bike look awesome. Looking to replace the wheels in the near future, and get rid of the pedals and BO gears, I just don’t really like them that much.

yeah you wouldnt get much use out of somthing like that aye??

just talked to work, from the week after next no more tuesday nights, disc only

Thats it gink, get into it man, it’s addictive hey? Looks like we’ll be seeing you and ya beard down at DISC alot more :smiley:

Since Tuesday was canned due to a leaking roof, myself and J.K.L.P went down on Thursday and raced with Northcote…superfun, btw does anyone know where to get track results for Thursday night for Northcote

I seriously cannot find it anywhere.

does it come hipster friendly or did you drill it?

it’s already drilled but plugged!

WTF… please go out side more often…

nice little underhand snipe, but no, it’s as Hermes said…

A couple additions

i like the seat and grip combo mate, well done…

^^ cheers hermes, the pic doesn’t do it justice, looks alot better in the flesh

I know what you mean bro…

I’ve had mine for a while and have been too lazy to post it up…

anyway, here u go…

+1 for Hermes’ bike

  • everything for leather bartape