My mates ride...

Possibly one of the worst bikes I’ve ever seen posted on here.

I am going to post the Toro soon so everyone can marvel at the tight geometry and express their jealousy.

That toro is more fun to ride than anything at Dreamworld![QUOTE][/QUOTE]

Take that back.


And that bike looks sick. Speee-eeww!

Is this oneof those situations where yourefer to a friend or mate ,but you are really refering to yourself? That bar and brake setup is hideous.

Well I like the concept. The more top-shelf components are bought for sweet fixays such as this, the more good value used components end up on the market for people like me to squirrel away for the future.

needs a disc instead of the potato though

do it!

This thread delivers. BOTY FO SHO.

You should get him to make it almost as horrible as this, and put VOTE GILLARD on the side.

Though considering how much money ‘mate’ must have, maybe put VOTE GINA REINHARDT

I shouldn’t say anything - because I’m new to the forums and all… but there isn’t much I understand about this bike.

This whole bike is confusing

You’re gonna fit in just fine. Wait, do you have a beard and NUCK TATS?

But then it would look like my sweet fixay bro!

I have stubble and a tattoo of a rectangle on my arm… Do those count?

It needs fluoro yellow bar tape

Well it is the second most hipster tattoo behind the triangle. So it’s a good start.

my sweet fixay polo bike rocks discs on the front and the back… maybe just bundy rum corflue though…

no no no no no.