My mates ride...

Sphinx on the street?

+100 pts

I don’t understand those bars on street bikes.

And that’s coming from a guy that used to ride Nitto B123’s all the time.

I threw up a little.

After I buried his body in the bushes in the background of the picture for crimes against bicycles…

It’s “post your ride” not “post your mates shit fixie.”

Edit: user aerospoke would be so proud.

As much as I don’t think these bars belong on a street bike (or any bike for that matter) wouldn’t they be quite comfortable? You have flats, drops and a faux hood position.

Also, sell me that front wheel.

funny thing is that this bike is actually way more sensible as a street bike than the geo of your Toro will ever let it be :wink:

is this the bike that needed the help on the taping of the bars?

Wow $1500+ worth of wheels and bars on a hillbrick.

Get the stickers off the front wheel and I recon it could start to work hey. I think the GT40 was one of the only things ever to pull off light blue and red.

Where is the brake lever mounted and what is that thing hanging out the front just above the fork?

'Tis the brake lever. Bar end mounted brake lever.

This just confirmed my thoughts: we’re being trolled, kids. No way an abomination like this would happen naturally.


matty matty matty, havnt you told your freinds to run a front brake if they want some sort of stopping power???

on to the bike… BOTY!!! woohoo!!!

but with the brake where it is, and how tight the cable is, can he only turn left?

Should be okay, seeing as it’s a track bike.

front brakes ruin the clean look and minimalism, red.

I have had the pleasure of having put around on some of the sphincter bars on the street and they are very comfortable with a stack of hand positions. That being said the current set up is ridiculous. Swap the bars over for some road drops with hoods and leavers and put the brake on the front and this would be kinda cool.

Eye rape.